This hotelier installed Review Analytics in March 2014 – you won’t believe what happened next!

When Hotel Weisser Hase acquired Review Analytics, its managers couldn’t predict what was actually going to happen. After only seven months using our solution, they received 142 new reviews, which helped increase their customer satisfaction index up to 90%. Managers couldn’t believe 23% of their guests were reviewing Hotel Weisser Hase thanks to the email inquiries automated through Customer Alliance’s review management system– Review Analytics. As an additional result, their review growth rate on HolidayCheck increased 160%. Furthermore, Review Analytics allowed Hotel Weisser Hase to integrate the hotel’s reviews on Facebook and increase direct bookings on their website.

Put simply – if you want to see your online reputation and your direct bookings increase, try our free demo and you won’t believe what happens next!


Chloë Le Bian

Senior Content Editor