Your new Instant survey

We are excited to introduce a brand new Instant Survey for our Customer Alliance users. This feature will help you evaluate your performance while your guests are still with you, so you can ensure that they have the very best experience and that you catch any problem that might arise as it unfolds.

What is your new Instant Survey?

The Instant Survey can be a single question, such as “how are you enjoying your stay”, or even a mini questionnaire. And you can set it up so it appears to your guests in a number of different ways. For instance:

  • as a pop-up, appearing to your guests when they first connect to wifi
  • accessible with a QR code
  • proposed on a tablet (just like our In-House Feedback)
  • sent via email, during their stay.

Why an Instant Survey?

We don’t need to tell you how much of a difference it can make to identify and deal with a problem as it occurs, and while your guest is still with you. As you know, doing this can make all of the difference between a happy and a disgruntled guest. And goes to follow, between a good or bad review.

Your new Instant Survey

We’ve heard from you many times that you sometimes read negative reviews only to find that the problem would easily have been solved with a little communication. With the Review Analytics Comment & Mail functions, as well as the Dispute Process, you can address these issues with past guests and smooth some ruffled feathers. Now with the Instant Survey, you’ll be able to do this before the negative review even occurs! Making for happier guests at your hotel, and – we highly anticipate – a better online reputation 😉

To enjoy your new feature, simply contact our support-team! The Instant Survey is now available with our upgraded Premium Package, and you can test it out with a 14-day free trial. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and wish you many happy guests.

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Torsten Sabel

Torsten Sabel

COO (Chief Operating Officer) & Co-Founder