Study – Upselling strategies by hotel type and revenue source

To remain competitive, hotels must be creative in the way they approach the guest experience and the marketing of their services. Thanks to the digitalisation that the hotel industry has been experiencing for a number of years now, it is no longer necessary to ask its receptionists to take on the role of distributors. Communication plays a key role here, especially that which takes place before guests arrive.

In our study, we looked at hotels that already successfully use the Customer Alliance solution and generate additional revenue through automated and personalized pre-stay communication. The analysis focuses on six different types of hotels and their revenues (over a period of three months), which have been significantly increased through an individualized pre-stay communication strategy. The study makes it clear that regardless of the type of hotel, up-sell opportunities exist. However, it is important to be creative in promoting its products and services.

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Mickaël Bensassi

Marketing Manager