More customer reviews. More sales.

Helping online stores generate better customer transaction-based feedback to optimise customer satisfaction whilst improving your shop’s conversion rate.



More reviews, more insight

Collect authentic customer reviews after any purchase via email or SMS using fully customizable guest questionnaires in 20+ languages. Increase the visibility of your physical store collecting feedback via WiFi or Tablet.

Custom questionnaire

Fully customize your questionnaires to fit the branding of your business. Ask the questions which matter to you to gain the insights needed to improve your business.


Invite your customers to leave feedback and reviews for their experiences at your business. Studies show that a satisfied customer is much more likely to leave feedback if prompted – so make the most of your best customers and tell the world how good you are!

Physical store reviews

Utilise your in-house wi-fi service to capture feedback from customers whilst they are at your physical store. A great way to increase your global brand positioning, and address any issues which may arise before it’s too late.



Enhance visibility, increase clicks

Integrate shop reviews into your website, gain the feedbacks’ ownership maximising your SEO, and distribute them to the industry’s leading portals including Google, Facebook, TrustPilot and other price comparator portals.

Widget & Certificate

Display your reviews with pride directly and generate trust with visitors to your website. Using the Customer Alliance widget, you can display an overview of the ratings on your Certificate to all website visitors and increse the eCommerce conversion rate.

XML Feed

Boost your SEO thanks to the review’s user-generate content. Every keyword written by your customers will help you to increase your positioning in the SERP, integrating shop reviews XML feed directly into your website.

Rich snippets

Maximise the traffic from the Google organic results showing the rating stars and your total number of review. Your eCommerce links will be more visible and will attract more potential customers on your website!


Generate more reviews across all of the major online review sites. Distribute customer invitations to leave reviews across all of the major online review portals and optimize your presence at all steps of the customer journey.



Analyze all reviews in one solution

Whether a single online store or an Enterprise solution, understand your customers and competitors through advanced and intuitive review analysis.

Portal statistics

Analyse the reviews submitted by guests on all major online review sites. Understand which portals are most important for your business and what your current rating is on each site.


Understand the content of the reviews left by customers. By analyzing the content of every review, Customer Alliance provides intelligent insights into what customers are giving feedback positively and negatively about.

Competition overview

Keep on top of your competitors by monitoring them with the same level of detail as your own business. Track their developments, strengths, weaknesses and performance on the major online review portals

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Never miss out on a review

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