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Customer feedback collection tools to help you increase customer satisfaction by 8% or more

Build your customer success strategy

Collect Voice of the Customer data & get insights using feedback analysis with our customer feedback software to strengthen your customer loyalty plan.

Customer feedback software

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Customer Success Manager
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Proactively resolve customer issues

Implement your customer success strategy with our closed-loop feedback system. Manage all reviews & customer surveys in one place via our customer feedback management solution.

  • Design your customer journey & automate messaging at optimal touchpoints
  • Build an unlimited number of surveys with the support of 30+ languages
  • Ask for feedback via email, SMS, QR code, WiFi, tablet, or beacon
  • Send personalised emails, texts, & surveys with your branding & logo

Unify customer satisfaction approach

Set internal and industry benchmarks to align & improve customer retention rates. Easily create and share reports using our customer feedback management software.

  • Set benchmarks for NPS, CSAT, or CES & survey response rates
  • Get alerts for negative reviews to take timely action 
  • Monitor and set targets by location, city, or region

Utilise feedback analysis tools

Are your customer retention strategies working? With our feedback analysis, get insights on customer satisfaction metrics, customer sentiment, and customer trends.

  • Break down customer sentiment with our semantic analytics
  • Gain insights on all external reviews and internal surveys 
  • Monitor your NPS over time, average review score & overall performance
  • Detect trends and patterns among customers with our feedback solutions

Improve the customer experience

Know how to make your customer experience exceed customer expectations. Turn customer retention ideas into a reality using one of our customer loyalty solutions.

  • Engage customers with personalised communication
  • Utilise customer satisfaction metrics to monitor customer health
  • Optimise the customer journey with proactive feedback collection
  • Influence your product roadmap with data gleaned from customer feedback

What are our clients say:

“At Mazda we want to offer an excellent customer experience. That’s why we encourage our customers to provide feedback after their visit to one of our dealer partners in Germany. The insights we receive help us to better understand our customers’ needs and they are also increasingly important for new customers seeking information before making their purchase decision.”

Alexander Wagner, Manager Dealer & Customer Insights at Mazda Motor Europe

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Customer feedback software by Customer Alliance includes Customer Experience Management, Voice of the Customer and Online Reputation Management.