Review Management a 360°

Scopri come gestire la reputazione online del tuo Hotel per massimizzare il tuo revenue!

Are you afraid of your guests' opinions? Feeling lost in the seemingly impenetrable jungle of evaluation and booking portals, feedback forms and complaints? Hiding from your guests and not responding to their feedback will only hurt your business. Potential guests are well organized and exchange experiences about the hotels they've stayed in on the internet In order to tame the ever increasing volume of guest feedback, you need to develop a review management plan that you can easily incorporate into your routine duties.

Marketing is a crucial aspect of review management because reviews act as both positive and negative multipliers. Therefore, it's essential that you, as a hotelier, use online reviews to your advantage by actively responding to feedback in a constructive, manner which improves your online presence. In this white paper you'll learn four steps for creating a functioning review management system for your hotel.


Torsten Sabel

COO (Chief Operating Officer) & Co-Founder