Michelin star Relais et Chateaux Villa Crespi continues advancing its name
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Michelin star Relais et Chateaux Villa Crespi continues advancing its name

Calling all fine food lovers—surely you know Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Michelin-starred chef and MasterChef Italy’s judge? He’s behind the concept of Relais et Chateaux Villa Crespi that’s given it the glorious brand reputation it has today. But did you know what else Villa Crespi is known for? It has a customer satisfaction index that’s off the charts.

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Moreover, in addition to a famous owner, this accommodation facility sits next to the serene Lake Orta. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that Villa Crespi boasts first prize for the Traveler’s Choice Award in the category of fine Italian restaurants.  

Even a property the calibre of Relais et Chateaux Villa Crespi does not sit complacently at the top. It’s always looking to optimise its online brand reputation. 

Villa Crespi Restaurant picks Customer Alliance for brand management

In 2018, Villa Crespi Restaurant decided to partner with customer experience software management company Customer Alliance. Let’s break down their collaboration.

Review distribution for brand reputation

Overall Villa Crespi distributed 2,499 online reviews to various portals using Customer Alliance:

As Villa Crespi Restaurant desired to focus on Google, where it had 1,638 reviews with a customer satisfaction index of 94.8%.

In TripAdvisor it has an average score of 96.2%.

On Facebook it bordered on perfection with 98.1% for its customer satisfaction index.

At Booking.com the establishment held a score of 94.2%.

On it’s own website Villa Crespi displayed its Customer Alliance score of 94.9% as well as its first place Traveler’s Choice Award.

Semantic analysis pinpoints areas to optimise

Utilising the semantic analysis available from Customer Alliance, Restaurant Villa Crespi could easily understand its strengths and weaknesses (if any) of its brand reputation.

For example, restaurant management analysed the word cloud tool in Customer Alliance’s software. It noted that cuisine and customer experience are sources of great satisfaction for their guests.

The words “kitchen”, “experience”, “personal” and “staff” popped up as the most terms popular in the reviews with a positive meaning. As a result, Restaurant Villa Crespi discovered the keys to optimising its online brand reputation—the experience offered to the guests and transparent 360° communication.

Inviting guests to leave reviews is a must

Moreover, thanks to the personalised invitation at the end of the stay, Villa Crespi increased their response rate. It’s currently at 35.50%. This result paired with the its fame proves that restaurants should always encourage guests to leave a review.

No matter how well-established a restaurant is, it must always proactively ask guests for reviews. Similarly, click here for a deeper dive into why restaurant reviews matter for your restaurant’s success.

As a result, we surmise that improving guest communication translates into more positive reviews on various portals for improved brand reputation. Silvia, Marketing Manager of Relais et Chateaux Villa Crespi, has in fact further confirmed our theory. 

“We chose to collaborate with Customer Alliance in 2018 to use a single tool for brand reputation on all our realities—Villa Crespi Hotel, Villa Crespi restaurant, Laqua Charme & Boutique in Meta di Sorrento, Cannavacciuolo Cafè & Bistrot in Novara and Cannavacciuolo Bistrot in Turin”.

To summarise, the fact that Relais et Chateaux Villa Crespi relies on Customer Alliance to manage all of its properties is huge. It reveals the flexible nature of Customer Alliance’s brand reputation software. In other words, we can and will cater to different industry needs.

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