How Medicover Romania collected 46,000 reviews by reimagining their patient feedback program
Success story

How Medicover Romania collected 46,000 reviews by reimagining their patient feedback program

How do you efficiently collect and analyse feedback while treating more than one million patients a year? 

We’ve worked with Medicover Romania on review and feedback management since September 2021. This case study covers activities from the beginning of our collaboration to May 2023, which led to the collection of 46,000 patient reviews.

About Medicover Romania

For over 28 years, Medicover Romania has dedicated itself to a single mission: improving and maintaining the health and well-being of its patients. 

Their network includes 41 clinics, 4 multidisciplinary hospitals, 30 on-site units, and over 180 partner clinics nationwide.

In addition to their extensive reach, Medicover Romania has consistently pushed the boundaries of healthcare service. 

A staff of 3,000 serves over one million patients each year, dealing with complex cases ranging from cardiovascular surgery and oncology to sleep apnea syndrome and endometriosis.

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  • 46,000 patient reviews collected
  • Average Google ratings improved by almost 20 points within one year
  • Achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 65 in 2022, a remarkable 27 points higher than the industry benchmark
  • A fourfold increase in Google reviews Year on Year (YoY)

The challenge

Despite such a vast network and an impressive array of services, Medicover Romania grappled with a significant issue – collecting and analysing patient feedback.

Before adopting Customer Alliance, the process was manual, inconsistent, and time-consuming. 

The healthcare provider lacked a systematic approach to patient feedback. The feedback they did collect was scattered across numerous channels, counted and analysed by hand.

More importantly, the absence of a streamlined feedback system meant that Medicover Romania was missing out on opportunities to enhance the patient experience and service quality.

How Customer Alliance helped

Medicover Romania needed a solution that would simplify the feedback process, help them quickly identify areas for improvement, and ultimately contribute to better patient care.

Here’s how we helped them achieve that goal across 19 of their locations.

Automating a post-treatment survey and review invitation

A key aspect of gathering valuable patient feedback is ensuring timely communication.

Customer Alliance facilitated this by automating the delivery of post-treatment survey invitations to Medicover’s patients.

Shortly after treatment, patients receive a survey directly in their inbox. This prompt communication enables Medicover to capture patient sentiment when their experience is still fresh, enhancing the accuracy of the feedback. 

This automation not only streamlines the feedback collection process but also helps Medicover maintain a consistent, engaging relationship with their patients, underscoring their commitment to an outstanding patient experience. As Customer Service Manager Daniela Iordache explains:

“To offer the best possible experience to patients we need to understand what they want and how they feel.

After implementing Customer Alliance, we noticed that we can better measure patient satisfaction and have better visibility on areas for improvement.”

Daniela Iordache, Customer Service Manager

In addition to collecting valuable feedback, these automated surveys also serve as an invitation for patients to leave a public review.

This two-pronged approach has led to a tremendous increase in reviews for Medicover Romania, with the count now at 46,000 and growing daily. 

Designing patient-centric surveys to maximise response rates

The effectiveness of any survey depends on its design and content. 

Understanding this, we worked closely with Medicover to create patient-centric surveys that were not only easy to understand and fill out but also captured the information Medicover needed.

By deeply embedding ourselves into Medicover’s mission, patient population, and service spectrum, we were able to design surveys that resonated with patients.

The result? 83% of patients who opened the email filled out the survey, providing more than enough insightful feedback to make impactful changes.

Providing a centralised hub to explore feedback data and improve patient engagement

Organising and analysing feedback is a struggle for many organisations, particularly those with multiple locations like Medicover Romania.

The Customer Alliance platform streamlines this by providing a centralised hub for all survey responses and reviews.

Not only does it consolidate all feedback, but it also automatically calculates the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and our unique Public Review Score. This data-driven approach gave Medicover a clear, instant snapshot of their performance from a patient perspective.

The platform further allows Medicover to drill down into data by location, identifying areas of excellence and those where changes need to be made. They can also explore specific topics, like waiting times, quality of care and personal interactions with staff.

Plus, with our Review Stream feature, Medicover can directly engage with patients by responding to reviews from the dashboard itself. This enhanced their ability to engage with patients, acknowledge their feedback, and demonstrate their commitment to improving patient care. 

As Daniela puts it:

“We’ve become much more involved and dedicated to identifying personalised solutions for our patients, and let them know when we’ve taken action based on their feedback.

We learned that feedback is a very powerful tool in the clinic-patient relationship – a building block that helps us get better.”

Daniela Iordache, Customer Service Manager


By transforming a cumbersome manual system into an efficient, automated process, Medicover Romania have achieved remarkable results.

The immediate and significant increase in both their review volume and scores is noteworthy. Their average Google rating improved by nearly 20 points, with a fourfold increase in Google reviews year-on-year.

With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 65 in 2022, Medicover not only met but exceeded patient expectations. This score is 27 points higher than the industry benchmark, and a testament to their efforts to improve the patient experience.

With the streamlined review and feedback management system, Medicover continues to enhance its services, fuelled by the voices of the people who matter most. It’s a journey towards continued excellence, guided by the feedback of 46,000 patients and counting.

Amplify your patients’ voice with Customer Alliance

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