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A business reality is success or failure relies on customers finding and clicking on you through Google; making it paramount you somehow stand out from the competition. You must always consider the customer’s perspective; specifically, why he or she should click your page over a competitor?

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This is where Google Reviews comes into play. When you use Google Reviews, Google provides microdata (e.g. star-ratings, reviews, prices, or contact information) for your business directly within search results; which, increases your opportunity to attract visitors to your website.

Sign-up for Google My Business

First things, first: sign your company up for Google My Business – it’s free. Google My Business helps your guests or customers easily find, review, and/or rate your business via Google Applications, such as: Google search, Google Maps, and Google+.

But wait, there is more! Google collects “rich snippets” which pull your reviews and review score from across the internet and displays them within Google search results. Google’s “rich snippets” increase your visibility, which means people are more likely to find you and click you from search results.

Gain credibility with Google Reviews

So, here we answer our question: why should someone click your page over a competitor? With Google Reviews, your reputation encourages customers to decide for or against you. Even if you don’t come out with a perfect record, a fair overall star-rating alongside your business in search results motivates potential guests or customers to visit your page. Google Reviews enhance your credibility at the first, crucial glance.

Don’t give your competitors any advantage. Acquire Google Reviews as soon as possible! Nothing to lose, right?

Read the Google guide on installing rich snippets. Do it yourself or ask your site administrator. It’s not all that difficult. Use this testing tool to verify you have done everything correct before publishing.

Manage your online reputation with Customer Alliance

After registering for Google My Business, there are three ways to integrate your reviews in Google with Customer Alliance:

  • The Customer Alliance distribution feature which redirects all Gmail addresses to Google+ for reviews

Google reviews distribution feature

  • Integrating your Customer Alliance review Certificate and Google “rich snippets” into your hotel website

Google Reviews XML integration

  • Displaying your Customer Alliance review certificate, which showing the star ratings within the search result distributing your guests automatically to various external portals for reviews, which influence your Google star-rating

Google Reviews Review Certificate

Many who feel their online reputation is beyond their control, fear the potential negative impacts of publishing reviews to Google. While these doubts might not be unfounded, you must remember your reputation matters and the more you collect reviews, the more you can continue improving your business thereby transforming a poor reputation into a solid one. Customer Alliance offers the necessary tools to gain control of your online reputation. Not only do we help you collect reviews, but we also offer efficient ways to distribute those reviews across various portals and your website (via the Certificate). Google then uses those distributed reviews to develop your Google star-rating attracting more customers to your business.

Our solution also helps you analyze your customer feedback and draw informed conclusions from it, lowering the likelihood of future critical reviews.

Any questions about Customer Alliance? Ask us, we are experts when it comes to online reputation management!

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