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Customer Feedback

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Our Expertise

  • Voice of the Customer
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Customer Experience Management

Voice of the Customer

Understand your customers for the competitive edge. Collect then analyse direct and indirect feedback to know how best to enhance your business with our Voice of the Customer tools.

  • Customer feedback 
  • Customer insights 
  • Business direction

Customer Satisfaction

Utilise customer satisfaction tools to track and analyse your customers’ expectations of your business. Understand satisfaction drivers to fulfill them with our feedback management system.

  • Measure satisfaction
  • Text analytics 
  • Customer segmentation

Online Reputation Management

Get found online as you gather and distribute authentic reviews to major review portals. Enjoy happier customers as you efficiently answer all reviews to build a greater online presence.

  • Review distribution
  • Display reviews 
  • Online visibility

Customer Experience Management

Elevate customer experience. Learn what customers need along the customer journey using advanced communications. Integrate our Customer Experience Management software.

  • Customer Journey Designer
  • Automate communications
  • Enhance operations

Why Customer Alliance?

5 million

Questionnaires collected

+8% increase

In customer satisfaction

126 million

Reviews analysed


Years of experience

Join the 5000+ businesses across industries that trust Customer Alliance


Mazda Motor Europe

Simon Haines

Director Customer Knowledge

“Ongoing customer satisfaction measurement, customer feedback analysis will remain important tools to continually improve our processes. Customers increasingly post and search for feedback online. Having the right tools at hand to manage your online reputation effectively is key to enhance your customers’ experience even before they visit a dealership”‎

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increase in Net Promoter Score increase from the previous year


of regional markets increased their customer satisfaction score of service increase from the previous year


Centro Medico Fisio Lingotto

In just 5 months with Customer Alliance, this Turin-based clinic created a comprehensive feedback system and improved their patient experience. See how they did it in our free case study.

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Increase in Google ratings


patient opinions gathered



We have been using Customer Alliance for some time. The platform is professional and with a few simple, targeted questions we can capture the attention of the customer. They feel appreciated and pampered by our attention.“‎


HCC hotels

With Customer Alliance, we have not only improved our positioning on Google and TripAdvisor, but we have also achieved a much more efficient management of our guests’ feedback. It has also been key in helping all our Directors with the management of the online reputation for their properties.“‎


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