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customer loyalty
with our NPS tools

Distribute and analyse your NPS survey questions with our advanced survey analysis software.

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NPS Survey

Build an NPS survey

Create your own survey or use one of ours to ask one of your best NPS questions. 30+ languages supported.

Share strategically

Send your NPS survey throughout your customer journey via multiple channels.

Unite your company

Easily track NPS survey results across the company to know where to optimise for growth.
get actionable insights

Increase overall NPS

Utilise our NPS tools to pinpoint areas for optimisation and watch your NPS scores grow.

NPS tools to boost your NPS Score

Maximise your Net Promoter Score survey

Questionnaire design software

Choose from a variety of question types and insert your company logo and colours.

Customer journey editor

You decide how and when to ask your Net Promoter Score question.

NPS survey distributor

Automate sharing your NPS survey via SMS, email, WiFi, beacon, tablet or QR code.

Dashboard overview

Get total control with our lean reporting. See all company levels in one place.

Powerful insights

Use smart analytics to get customer segmentation, trend patterns and semantic analytics.

NPS score benchmark

Oversee locations and management levels to set appropriate benchmarks.

Our Net Promoter Score platform is used across industries

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Don’t take our word for it. Mazda says:

“Ongoing customer satisfaction measurement, customer feedback analysis will remain important tools to continually  improve our processes. At the same time, customers increasingly post and search for feedback online. Having the right tools at hand to manage your online reputation effectively is key to enhance your customers’ experience.”

Simon Haines, Director Customer Knowledge at Mazda Motor Europe