Transform your
customers’ words
into insight and

Discover the topics and sentiment behind the feedback and make improvements that really matter.

Text Analytics

Feedback Analysis

Automate feedback analysis

Unlock insights into all your reviews with no manual work, accessed from one easy-to-use dashboard.
customer trends

Uncover customer trends

Dive deep into common topics and themes to find out exactly what your customers want and where changes need to be made.
Brand Reputation

Uphold brand reputation

Catch issues early on with real-time analysis to lessen negative reviews and grow your online image.
Text Analytics

Unite your company

Compare feedback between different locations and areas of your business to ensure a consistently outstanding customer experience.

See Text Analytics In Action

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Text Analytics

Use Cases

Discover just a few ways text analytics can benefit your business.

  • For Management
  • For Support
  • For Marketing
  • For C-Level

For Management

See how your department performs according to the people who matter most! Understand which topics lead to the most negative and positive mentions. Then, delve into sub-topics to identify areas for improvement and accelerate team alignment.

For Support

Discover a new way to delight your customers and reach lightning fast resolutions! Easily identify what’s causing negative reviews and take the necessary steps to turn things around.

For Marketing

What makes your business stand out from the crowd? See the most common sub-topics in positive reviews to find out what your customers love! Use these insights to guide your team and create strategic campaigns that get real results.

For C-Level

Get an instant overview of all locations and identify your top performers. Dig into sub-topics to see what they’re doing right and create your strategy for future success.