Customer service managers save hours with Customer Journey Visualization

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Navigate your customer satisfaction data — without getting lost in the chaos

Before Customer Alliance

Manually piecing together scattered customer satisfaction data eats up your valuable time and energy

You struggle to pinpoint exactly where satisfaction dips, leaving issues unresolved and chipping away at your scores

Tracking improvements over time feels like a guessing game, clouding confidence in your strategic decisions

With Customer Alliance

Your customer satisfaction data is automatically mapped out in one place — no more messy spreadsheets or tedious number-crunching

You effortlessly identify problem areas with user-friendly visuals, empowering you to act fast and efficiently

Monitoring your scores over time is a straightforward task, so you can see the positive results of your actions

“We wanted to understand where we stand compared to our competitors. What are we doing well? What do we need to improve? Customer Alliance allows us to understand this, to collect as much feedback as possible that we can use to improve our service.”

– Vincent Orain, Director of Tartares & Co

Traditional data reports only show you the numbers. Customer journey visualization lets you see the full picture.

Get instant clarity on customer satisfaction

No more time wasted on manual data collection.
Illuminate satisfaction scores across your entire customer journey with an easy-to-navigate, colour-coded graph.
Instant, business-ready metrics. One simple dashboard.

Immediately spot areas to improve

No more wondering where your customer journey falters.
Visually track each touchpoint – lower scores clearly dip on the graph, making it easy to identify problems and make a plan of action.
Faster resolution. Greater satisfaction.

Easily measure your success

No more uncertainty about the impact of your actions.
Compare your current metrics against chosen benchmarks in just a couple of clicks and see your performance side-by-side.
Track your progress. Make decisions with confidence.

“The feedback gives us valuable insights that enable us to make improvements, which become evident when we analyse the guest satisfaction data provided by Customer Alliance.”

– Andrea Maistrello, Assistant Manager of Relais Castello di Casiglio

Your questions, answered

“But I already use tools to organise my customer satisfaction data. Why should I switch?”

Our customer journey visualization tool streamlines your entire process, consolidating all your data into one easily accessible place. No more jumping back and forth between platforms – you can spend less time organizing data and more time acting on it.

“Isn’t this just a fancy way of displaying the same data I already have?”

While our tool does visualize data, it also enables you to identify trends and spot issues that may not be apparent from the raw data alone.

“I’m not sure this tool will provide new insights. We already track our customer satisfaction metrics closely.”

Our tool doesn’t just track metrics, it visualizes them across your customer journey, making it easier to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement. This helps you make more data-driven decisions and effectively track the impact of your strategies over time.

“Is this hard to set up? I don’t want another complex tool”

When choosing online review management software, look for features like capabilities for aggregating reviews from multiple platforms, sentiment analysis to gauge the tone of reviews and identify your most important topics, alerts for new reviews to ensure timely responses, tools for drafting and managing responses, and analytics to track trends and measure customer satisfaction over time.

Get your time back. Accelerate customer satisfaction.


Here’s what else you can expect from our platform:


● Built-in metrics like NPS, CSAT and our own Public Reviews Score
● Custom surveys, sent at just the right time
● Review collection on autopilot
● A central hub for all your review and feedback data
● A dedicated Customer Success Manager (depending on your package) and support team