About us

We are Customer Alliance

Our 360° Voice of the Customer SaaS platform has helped to spearhead customer satisfaction initiatives since 2009.

What we do

Raising the customer experience

From our Berlin-based office, we help our clients harness the power of feedback to improve customer satisfaction.

With our automated, flexible questionnaires and online review management tools, companies can generate more feedback to understand their customers’ needs. They can then set smart goals and benchmarks based on our powerful analytics.

Amazing results

Our platform also provides lean case management capabilities among companies with chains or franchises. In this way, we help companies unite in raising the customer experience.

The result — improved customer experience and ultimately, customer satisfaction index scores.

C-level management

Moritz Klussmann

CEO & Co-Founder

Jens Panek

Chief Financial Office

David Maicher

Chief Technology Officer

Valentin Naïdja

Chief Revenue Officer

Moritz Klussmann

CEO & Co-Founder

What’s your favourite thing about Customer Alliance Berlin?

Our international team! I can’t get enough of their problem-solving attitude and how we all come together to drive the Customer Experience industry forward!

What’s one thing about you that surprises others?

Even though I am a 100% family and team person, I enjoy silence. There might have been occasions when I pretend I do not hear my family and just continue reading the newsletter. I enjoy going for a walk alone—just me, myself and I.

Jens Panek

Chief Financial Office

What do you love about working at Customer Alliance Berlin?

The team spirit! There is a relentless drive to progress, to change things for the better and to learn. Maintaining that spirit over the years and through the various stages of the company is quite incredible.

What’s something that (until now) no one here knows about you?

Secretly, I kind of enjoy bad coffee. Just some boiling water that ran through some middle-down-the-road coffee. Add a bit of milk and BOOM!

David Maicher

Chief Technology Officer

Why do you think Customer Alliance has been so successful?

It’s truly how our diverse team sticks to our 5 core values—Growth, Innovation, Performance, Positivity, Sharing—to make us the successful company we are today.

What was your dream job as a kid?

As a child I was really impressed by airplanes and spaceships. I wanted to understand all the concepts and technologies involved in designing and operating them to build an airplane. But then…I discovered computers and software engineering!

Valentin Naïdja

Chief Revenue Officer

On Customer Alliance’s work ethic:

We endeavour to build an organisation full of driven individuals with outstanding learning agility. This constant motor to aim for better and learn from everywhere and each other is the magic recipe to successful growth!

What does a good Friday night look like to you?

I’m always up for a game night with good friends, family and a BBQ…but really mostly with the BBQ!

How we choose to work


We refuse to remain stagnant and cultivate our culture around constant progress. “How can this be even better?” is a question we ask daily here at Customer Alliance Berlin.


As a voice of the customer platform, we continually evolve based not only on the latest technological developments, best practices and approaches, but also on the feedback of our customers.


We take a data-driven approach with the metrics we apply to ourselves to ensure that our offerings match or exceed that of our competitors. (Check out our widget to see how we’re doing according to our own clients.)


We’re determined to believe the best–in each other, in the evolution of our company and in our clients. We believe this mindset has brought us this far.


We’re stronger together. Pooling resources and transparently cross-collaborating are ways of life here that stem from our environment of trust.