About us

Exceed expectations.
Transform your business.

Customer Alliance makes it easy to capture, share, understand
and act on feedback.

Who we are

We’re firm believers in the transformative power of feedback

Nestled in the bustling tech hub of Berlin, we’re a dynamic SaaS company on a mission to empower organizations to not just meet, but exceed people’s expectations—and be loved for it.

Each day, we proudly serve over 5,000 businesses who use Customer Alliance to manage feedback and reviews in a smart and simple way. With a suite of ever-evolving tools, our platform uncovers what really makes people happy, so you can make quick, data-backed decisions that drive business growth.

How we choose to work
Our company values

We enjoy working together

We are human beings first, and we know that people are central to everything we do. Acting like a good human and leading by example when it comes to attitude and work ethics leads to a joyful- & united company where people can grow and do great work.

We are obsessed with valuable feedback

We proactively seek and provide feedback from colleagues, customers, prospects and partners around us. We know that working with feedback is crucial for our personal success, as well as for the success of the company. It also helps us better understand what is expected from us as professionals but also as a company.

We solve real problems
for our customers

We always strive towards solving real problems that bring value & make a difference to our customers. We deliver impactful results and an amazing experience for our customers.

We are curious and bold

We continuously challenge the status quo, look for new opportunities and dare to take risks where needed – all in the pursuit of great & exciting outcomes. We are doing things we are proud of. Nothing stops evolving. We take ownership of our own development and keep iterating.

We always start with trust

We believe that trust is the foundation of great working relationships, company performance & job engagement. We grant each other full trust. As trust is fragile, we do all we can to maintain & nurture it in our relationships with each other.