What if you could
reply to a review
in 30 seconds
or less?

With AI Reply Assistant, you can. Generate a unique, personalised review response with just one click.

Try the interactive AI Reply Assistant demo

When you can’t find the words, AI Reply Assistant will

Save time and hassle

  • Get an AI response in just a fraction of the time it takes to start from scratch
  • No more switching back and forth between tabs. Reply to customers directly from your Review Stream
  • Say “so long” to spell check. Get accurate, well-written responses, every time

Build connections

  • Get specific, personalised replies with a human touch that make your customers feel heard
  • Smash your targets with a 100% response rate while building trust in your brand
  • Grow your online presence, climb the Google rankings and attract new customers to your business

Free up your brain power

  • Never get writer’s block again. Avoid time staring at an empty screen and get the job done
  • Reply to all your reviews in minutes, not hours, and make space for other important tasks
  • With consistent, high-quality replies, it’s easy to share the workload (knowing standards won’t slip, even when you’re out of office)


Can I see and edit the reply before it’s sent?

Absolutely. Your AI-generated reply appears in the text editor, where you are free to edit it as you like before hitting ‘send’.

What are the benefits of replying to reviews?

There are tons of benefits of replying to your reviews. Here are just a few:

  • Thoughtful, engaged replies not only help retain existing customers but also attract more to your business

  • Replying to reviews also encourages more customers to leave reviews, which is great for boosting your SEO and online visibility

  • It gives you a great opportunity to engage your customers on a personal level, demonstrates professionalism and shows customers you care

    Does AI Reply Assistant work for negative reviews?

    Yes. AI Reply Assistant easily identifies the sentiment of every review to determine which parts are positive, negative or neutral.

    If a specific point is mentioned in a negative light (for example: “The food was cold when it arrived”), then AI Reply Assistant will include it in the response and make sure your customer feels heard.

    What about reviews in different languages?

    We don’t recommend replying to reviews in languages you’re unfamiliar with, as you likely won’t be 100% sure that your response reflects your business in the way you want.

    For that reason, AI Reply Assistant is set up to reply to reviews left in your default language on Customer Alliance (plus English, if it’s not your default language).

    How many AI replies do I get?

    We offer different packages according to your needs, starting from 100 replies a month and going up to more than 10k replies a month.