instant feedback
in your website
or app

Share quick, targeted and perfectly timed surveys to understand your customers’ online experience

In app surveyy

In app

Target specific scenarios

Use custom triggers to get the insights you need and get customer feedback in-context

Customise your questions

Deliver surveys in your unique brand voice, with more than 30 languages supported
response rate

Increase response rates

Reduce friction and get results with an embedded design and seamless navigation

Analyse with ease

Get insights into your online experience and compare customer feedback from multiple channels

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Learn more about in-web and in-app surveys and how they work on our platform.

In App Survey

In-web and in-app use cases

Discover a few different ways you can use in-web and in-app surveys across your business.

  • Improve a process
  • Understand customer churn
  • Measure customer loyalty

Improve a process

When an action is complete, a simple Customer Effort Score (CES) question can show how easy (or difficult!) it was for your customers. Great for:

  • Online bookings and purchases
  • Finding an answer to a question

Understand customer churn

Get greater insights with a quick and easy exit survey. Discover the most common reasons for cancellations and act to boost retention. Ideal for when customers:

  • Cancel a doctor’s appointment
  • Unsubscribe from your newsletter

Measure customer loyalty

Identify your most loyal customers and convert them into brand ambassadors with a highly effective Net Promoter Score (NPS) question. Great to ask:

  • After a response from customer service
  • To learn about overall brand loyalty