Customer Effort Score Software

Make your
customer journey

Get insightful feedback after a purchase or support interaction to know exactly how to reduce customer effort.

Customer effort score

NPS Survey

Design a CES survey

Build your own Customer Effort Score questionnaire or use one of ours! 30+ languages supported.

Share effectively

Share your CES survey across multiple channels to listen to the Voice of the Customer.

Benchmark your CES score

With our Customer Effort Score calculation, track CES score & other customer retention metrics.
get actionable insights

Get actionable insights

Get intelligent analytics on customer metrics to know where & how to improve.

Your robust Customer Effort Score stack

Pinpoint possible improvements to grow customer satisfaction.

Customer journey mapping tool

Decide when and how you’ll send individualised surveys.

Survey builder

Add other question types to your CES survey + use your company logo & colours.

Multi-channel sharing

Automate sharing your CES survey via SMS, email, WiFi, beacon, tablet, or QR code.

360° analytics

Uiltise our sentiment analysis and trend patterns to provide contextual information.

All customer satisfaction metrics

Get CES, plus Net Promoter Score, and other customer experience metrics.

Lean reporting

Oversee locations and management levels to set appropriate benchmarks.

Use cases of (CES) Customer Effort Score

Across industries, businesses use CES to monitor satisfaction of

customer effort score
Customer Service
Customer onboarding
eCommerce checkout
Booking appointments
Healthcare interactions
Retail touchpoints

Don’t take our word for it. Mazda says:

At Mazda we want to offer an excellent customer experience. That’s why we encourage our customers to provide feedback after their visit to one of our dealer partners in Germany. The insights we receive help us to better understand our customers’ needs and they are also increasingly important for new customers seeking information before making their purchase decisions.

Alexander Wagner, Manager Dealer & Customer Insights at Mazda Motor Europe
Mazda logo