Online hotel reviews have become an indispensable source of information for hoteliers, as well as an integral part of hotel quality management systems. Reviews also have a powerful influence over potential guests’ booking decisions.

Customer Alliance helps hotels to hear their guests’ opinions and comments by actively and systematically publishing guest reviews on the hotel’s own website. The code of conduct applied by Customer Alliance and its partner hotels serves as a guide to achieve these goals in a sustainable way.

We fully support…

… the systematic surveying of all hotel guests after departure.
… reviews of real overnight guests.
… the publication of reviews (both positive and negative).
… a zero tolerance policy against tampering with reviews.
… maintaining the anonymity of guests.
… compliance with all statutory data protection standards.
… a systematic analysis of complaints.
… a fair and transparent handling of reviews.
… direct integration of reviews on the hotel website, resulting in increased bookings.

We are absolutely against …

… any manipulation or falsification of reviews.
… purchased or ordered reviews.
… false statements of fact.
… illegal, defamatory, or abusive personal reviews.
… extortion attempts by guests.
… transfer or sale of reviews.