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June, 2017

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.”

– Steve Jobs (1997) –



What is Customer Experience Management?

When it comes to deciding whether or not to buy, customers trust the experiences and reviews of other customers much more than promises a company might make. These reviews are available online and can be accessed at any time.

These days, companies need to follow their customers online and make sure that their own brand and name are connected to positive experiences. This is a huge undertaking.

Customer experience management is a holistic business strategy to acquire and retain customers by offering them the possibility of accessing the information and services they want via the right channels.


Customer Experience Management tasks and goals

Customer experience management (CEM) builds on the principles of Solution- and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and is about creating connection between customers and suppliers. In the hotel industry, the customers are guests and the suppliers are hotels.

The goal of customer experience management is to engage guests emotionally and acquire them as loyal customers due to their positive experiences. Ideally, they then become regular patrons of your establishment. As a consequence of successful CEM, individual guests are not only of higher average value, they are also become trustworthy ambassadors for your hotel at no extra cost.

A successful customer journey is when guests feel welcome during their initial contact as well as during their stay and they receive information, services and comfort.

The particular characteristic of customer experience management is that it concerns itself with guests’ subjective perception. Consequently, each guest must be handled individually; blanket strategies that may be successful in other areas cannot be applied to guest management.


Customer Experience Management in the Social Web

The meaning and complexity of customer experience management has risen in the last few years as there are more touchpoints in the social web between customers and companies.

Particularly in the hotel industry, guests have access to a seemingly inexhaustible amount of communication sources. A couple of decades ago, the most common way for a guest to communicate with a hotel (or vice versa) was to pick up a phone or write. Today, there are countless ways to get in touch. Websites, Facebook pages, booking and review portals are all part of the modern way to share information. In line with these new ways of communication, hotels should use all available opportunities to understand and fulfil their guests’ wishes.


Customer Experience Management for undeceivable guests

The fact that today’s guests are much more informed prior to their stay and thus arrive with specific expectations, does not make the hotelier’s job any easier. If these high expectations are not met at all times, guests may leave a bad review and not book again.

With strategic planning in customer experience management, hotels can control the development of their brand experience in the long term and, at the same time, manage all points of contact between them and their guests.


Professional Customer Experience Management with Customer Alliance

Customer Alliance’s solution for 360° review management collects, disseminates and analyses your guest reviews and was especially developed to help you understand your guests’ concerns. With our solution, you can manage your guest reviews professionally, accommodate your guests at every touch point on the customer journey and also fulfil individual requests in a proactive manner.


Keep an overview on all touchpoints

Customer Alliance enables you to maintain an overview on all points of contact with your guests. You can collect suggestions, praise, criticism and reviews via email, sms, wifi or tablet before, during and after their stay and spread them across review and booking portals. This makes it much easier to follow your customers on the internet and manage guest expectations as well as your establishment’s brand experience.

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Closer to your guests

You can garner useful information about your guests with our analysis functions. For instance, our semantic analysis function allows you to search for specific terms such as “breakfast” in order to really understand your guests’ subjective experiences. In February 2017, we expanded our semantic analysis to include your competitors, so that you can specifically compare your guests’ satisfaction at all touch points.

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Well prepared for your success

It is extremely difficult to achieve your goals in customer experience management on your own. You need a holistic strategy to optimise your establishment’s relationship with your guests. This is where Customer Alliance can step in; the solution provides all the tools you need for successful customer experience management. Take advantage of our long-standing experience in reputation management to build a long-term relationship with your guests and garner them as loyal ambassadors for your establishment.


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