Increase customer satisfaction 8% or more with our small and medium business solutions, enterprise level solutions or industry solutions.

SaaS solutions

Industry Solutions

Check out our industry-focused SaaS solutions for customer satisfaction.

Hotel and hospitality

Increase bookings with more reviews on portals like TripAdvisor, Google and by also displaying them right on your website.Track guest satisfaction with our customisable surveys.

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Get more guests as you boost your online visibility. With our platform, you can make sure happy guests leave reviews by offering surveys via email, SMS, WiFi, QR code, or tablet.

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Oversee your brand’s customer experience to ensure customers are satisfied at every stage of the customer journey. Automate messaging, track NPS, and see how locations compare all in one platform.

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Improve your shop’s conversion rate by gathering more reviews for your products. Get the competitive advantage as you grow your shop’s search engine ranking with these reviews displayed directly on your website.

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Generate more online reviews for Google and your website to build trust with potential clients. We’ll help you design a personalised customer journey to automate asking for these reviews at just the right time.

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Attract new patients as you grow your online reputation. We’ll help you get more online reviews on Google and your website with our automated and customisable surveys you can send to patients after every visit.

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SMB and Enterprise solutions

We’ve designed small and medium business solutions as well as enterprise level software solutions.

Small and medium business solutions

Get the competitive edge with more online reviews. Listen, understand, and anticipate the needs of your customers with our tools. You know your business growth depends on happy customers. Let us help you!

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Enterprise level software solutions

Increase customer loyalty by monitoring and enhancing the customer experience across your company with our tools to understand satisfaction drivers and to automate feedback collection.

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Role solutions

We’ve also crafted solutions based on individual roles.

Marketing Manager

Engage clients throughout the customer journey, utilise upsell opportunities and manage online reviews to boost your brand’s online presence.

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Customer Experience Manager

Track and enhance your company’s customer experience with our automated communications and analytics

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Survey Manager

Create and automate sending powerful surveys across multiple channels throughout the customer journey.

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Customer Success Manager

Proactively resolve issues as you track customer satisfaction to improve the customer experience.

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Customer Satisfaction Manager

Increase customer satisfaction as you identify and act on satisfaction drivers and monitor your KPIs.

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Questions? Check out our frequently asked questions below or contact us.

Which languages are supported?

Our platform supports 30+ languages.

Which channels can I use to collect reviews?

Natively in our platform, you can reach your guests via multiple channels, including Email, SMS, QR Code, Beacon, WIFI, tablet or mobile. Generate static links to any feedback form for flexible integration in any custom solution of your choosing.

We can also integrate and analyse the feedback you’re collecting from your own channels (call transcripts, video transcripts, etc…).

To which external portals can I send my reviews?

You’ll be able to send reviews to any portal that has an open review form such as Google, HolidayCheck, Facebook, Trustpilot, AutoScout 24, etc. 
Our hotel clients can also benefit from our partnership with TripAdvisor so you can send reviews to their portal directly from our platform.

Plus, after a customer completes a survey, they’ll encounter a thank you page where you can give them the option to share their reviews on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, and WhatsApp.

Can the platform be customised to my company needs?

There is a possibility to create a customer solution with our universal platform. If you are an enterprise client and need a tailored solution, we are quite flexible. Contact us and let’s see what we can do for your company.

Do you connect to my CRM system?

There is a good chance we already do! We currently support integrations with over 90 CRM systems and industry specific systems (PMS, etc…). Our open API enables you to extract all information via JSON and make sure there is a seamless two-way interface to all systems. Re-feeding data into your CRM system as well as adding other data sources (e.g. own feedback questionnaires, surveys from external call centers, etc.) is not a problem.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, after consulting with one of our experts and seeing a tailored demo of our product, if you still need a trial of our product we can make that happen. We’d be happy to provide a training session, and set up a free trial for you.

Get your free demo to see what we can do for your business. No strings attached, we promise.

Schedule a free, personalised demo to see what advances your company can make with our customer feedback software.

Customer feedback software by Customer Alliance includes Customer Experience Management, Voice of the Customer and Online Reputation Management.