How to Respond to Guest Feedback via SMS for a More Positive Experience

Digital communication with your guests is not only important before and after their stay, but also during it. Today, travellers expect a different kind of care and interaction than 10-15 years ago. Think, for example, of smartphones, which have become an indispensable part of everyday life. So use this way of communication to interact with your guests and to make sure that their stay is even more personal and individual. Respond to their needs and bring important information directly to the guest’s smartphone. SMS are a particularly simple and effective way to do so.

What are the advantages of communicating via SMS?

  • Provide your guests with a positive experience and communicate important information about the current stay, which can be easily accessed by your guests.
  • With an SMS you can react even faster and more efficiently to the feedback your guests give during their stay.
  • SMS appear directly on the phone display and are very likely to be seen more quickly than an email.
  • SMS arrive on any mobile phone, even if it is not a smartphone. Besides, guests from abroad who do not have an Internet connection during their stay can also receive SMS.

On what occasions should I communicate with my guests via SMS?

During your guests´stay there will be various opportunities to interact with them via SMS. We have put together various examples for you:

  • Your guest has reported that the lighting in the bathroom is broken. With a short SMS, you can inform the guest when you want to fix the problem: “Dear Mrs. Jones, we will repair the lighting in your bathroom today at 4 p.m. Best regards, Your Scarlet Hotel”.
  • Your guest has asked for an alternative date for a massage. In a short SMS, you can confirm the new appointment: “Dear Mrs. Jones, we gladly confirm your new appointment in our spa on March 7, 2020 at 4 p.m. Best regards, Your Scarlet Hotel”.
  • Your guest has asked for additional pillows in the room. Confirm this with an SMS:
    “Dear Mrs. Jones, our housekeeping team was pleased to bring you additional pillows to your room today. We wish you a pleasant stay. Best regards, Your Scarlet Hotel”.

How can I communicate with my guests via SMS?

  1. Log in to your dashboard, click on “Streams” and then on “Feedback“.
  2. In the comment function below the feedback that the guest has given during the stay, you can now choose to reply via SMS and email.

Please note that you can respond via SMS if

  • the SMS function is activated and you have purchased an SMS package, and
  • the guest has given his/her mobile phone number.

Your guests cannot reply to the SMS, so we recommend concluding each message with the note “Please do not reply to this SMS”.

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