How to Enhance your Digital Guest Communication with Our Guest Journey Editor

We take your guest communication to a new level! Our Guest Journey Editor gives you full control over the communication with your guests. It allows you to send automated messages and individual questionnaires before, during and after their stay in order to create a unique and positive experience.

As different touch points along the guest journey require more interaction with your guests, you are now also able to send multiple messages at different intervals. For example, welcome your guest with a pre-stay message 2 weeks prior to arrival and reach out again 2 days prior to arrival with an upselling message offering a room upgrade or a reservation in the restaurant. Each of your messages can contain a link which takes your guests very conveniently directly to the questionnaire. Let’s take a look at all the other reasons why our editor should be the centerpiece of your digital guest communication.

Why Digital Communication Is so Important

Communicating with your guests along the entire guest journey is essential – both online and offline. In addition to the personal interaction within the hotel, digital communication plays a key role when it comes to providing a unique and positive guest experience. Automated messages and individual questionnaires are a very important tool for that. Therefore, you should utilize their power at each touch point during the guest journey.

With a consistent and personal communication, you will increase the satisfaction and loyalty of your guests. Thanks to the personalized questionnaires, you can collect valuable feedback to optimize internal processes and minimize the workload of your staff. Different upselling options let you generate additional revenue.



Our Guest Journey Editor at a Glance

Our Guest Journey Editor is the ideal tool to communicate with your guests along the entire guest journey. Let’s briefly summarize why it enhances the experience of your guests, optimizes your processes and drives sales:

  • Create personalized messages that allow you to share the right information with your guests at the right time. Individual questionnaires help you to collect important feedback from your guests in order to optimize your processes and make additional sales. Check this article to learn more about our feedback forms and when to use them.
  • Send multiple messages to your guests. That allows you to reach out to your guests several times at different intervals, e.g. a message 2 weeks before arrival to welcome your guests, a message 5 days before arrival to share important information about the hotel and a message 1 day before arrival to offer different upselling opportunities.
  • Thanks to the timeline, you have full control over your guest communication and see everything at a glance. You decide when to communicate with your guests. You set the timing for each message and can activate or deactivate its distribution.
  • Include a link to a feedback form within your messages. Your guests receive an email and are forwarded directly to the questionnaire by one click.

Download Our Guide to Digital Guest Communication

We have put together a guide which is an essential tool to enhance your digital guest communication. It gives you a detailed overview of each touch point along the guest journey and how to reach out to your guests. Because be assured, there are many ways to share important information, create the right expectations and provide a consistently positive experience.

You are not sure how to phrase messages and which questions to include in a feedback form? We have put together various examples for messages and questionnaires. Get some inspiration and feel free to use our examples in your personal communication.

Download our Guide to Digital Guest Communication now!


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