Hotel website secrets

Getting more reservations, filling more rooms, and turning one-time guests into repeat customers.

With our guide you won’t have to plow through a lot of dusty, academic theory on the subject. Instead, we’ve created a concise, information-dense guide focused on specific actions you can take immediately that will pay off quickly in the three things every hotelier dreams of: Getting More Reservations, Filling More Rooms, Turning One-Time Guests into Repeat Customers.

As consumer purchasing behavior has shifted more towards shopping on the internet, having an effective website is more important than ever. Whether you are the owner of a small lodge, hostel, guest house, inn, bed & breakfast, or hotel with less than 50 rooms, a custom hotel website can increase your operation’s performance, yield direct bookings, and produce greater long-term financial growth.


Torsten Sabel

COO (Chief Operating Officer) & Co-Founder