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Why Hotel Reputation Management?

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In the very competitive field of the hospitality industry, your online reputation directly affects your sales volume.

Thus, effective Hotel Reputation Management can help you to obtain a competitive advantage for your property in terms of revenue management.

Poor online reputation could potentially end in serious losses: Negative comments appearing on first search result pages cost many times as much as putting sufficient resources in qualified Hotel Reputation Management would.

The key to success is being proactive: Do not wait until negative comments appear and try to clean up the mess when it’s likely already too late. The right time to start your Hotel Reputation Management activities is right now!

Learn how to improve your reputation & revenue results!

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Hotel Reputation Management: 7 Tipps

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1) Be transparent:

Don’t hide from your guests: Talk about yourself on social media.

2) Listen to your guests:

Learn from your guest reviews and listen to social media in order to improve your Quality Management.

3) Don’t be afraid of complaints:

Encourage your guests to provide reviews—the more the better.

4) Respond to negative comments:

Always react to customers’ feedback in a respectful way.

5) Learn from customers’ complaints:

Take negative feedback as a chance to learn about issues people don’t dare to tell you in person.

6) Monitor your reputation on the internet:

See what people say about you and your competitors, don’t be afraid of comparison.

7) Use a monitoring software tool:

Save time, easily identify problems and find a quick solution at the same time.

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Hotel Reputation Management: Tools

Using a hotel reputation management software helps you to easily identify problems and find quick solutions to cope with them, all while saving time! You’ll be better off investing that extra time in real guest services for better customer satisfaction!

What our tool Review Analytics can do for you:

Your online reviews in one single place? We offer smart solutions for hotels like yours. Improve your online reputation and visibility, save time evaluating guest feedback and get more direct bookings in 4 simple steps, learn more:

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It’s all about your guests satisfaction.
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