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Customer feedback software that makes it easy to monitor reviews and internal reporting, understand satisfaction drivers and implement a successful customer satisfaction strategy.

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Tackle all aspects of customer satisfaction with our customer feedback software.

Customer Satisfaction

Gather valuable insights from customers and discover trends with our in-depth analytics. Measure and track customer satisfaction to learn what to optimise to make customers happier.
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Voice of the Customer

Increase customer loyalty. Collect a variety of customer feedback and insights with our Voice of the Customer software to know how best to advance your company.
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Online Reputation Management

Gain online visibility, manage online reviews, show positive feedback on your website, and boost SERP ranking with our online reputation management tools.
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Customer Experience Management

Understand how to delight customers with journey mapping, text analytics, and automated communications in our customer experience management software.
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Customise based on needs

Pick one or more boosters to pair with your customer feedback software.

Front Desk Booster

  • Automate messages pre, during and post-visit
  • Offer upsells and collect newsletter opt-ins
  • Customer requests via WiFi start page
  • Ticketing system for internal tasks
  • Multi-Channel communication: email, SMS, WiFi start page, QR code, tablet stand

Reputation Booster

  • Distribute reviews to external portals like Google and TripAdvisor
  • Display reviews directly on your website
  • Use of standard questionnaire
  • Social media sharing
  • Overview of reviews
  • Weekly summary of review news & analytics

Satisfaction Booster

  • Customisable surveys
  • Review stream view of all review portals
  • Analyse data from all reviews
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Semantic analytics
  • Email alerts about new and/or negative reviews
  • Set targets



Customise questionnaires to get valuable insights with support of over 30 languages.
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Review Management

Collect, analyse, and distribute reviews all from one place with our customer satisfaction survey software.
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Measure customer satisfaction feedback over time with Net Promoter Score.
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Customer Journey

Design your own digital customer journey to ensure satisfaction at each touchpoint.
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Competitive Benchmarking

Get analytics to compare your progress with that of your competitors.
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We support integrations with 90+ systems across industries for whichever customer feedback survey software you select.
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Questions? Check out our frequently asked questions below or contact us.

What types of reports are supported?

From day one, you’ll be informed with our email notifications with a summary of your reviews and ratings. You can customise these email reports as well as send them to any colleagues you’d like to keep informed.

For example, our clients love scheduling weekly reports providing an overview of their customers’ satisfaction scores vs their competitors’ numbers, or league tables plotting best, middle, and bad performers or even a quick overview of their positive and negative satisfaction drivers of the quarter.

Which languages are supported?

Our platform supports 30+ languages. Contact us to learn more!

Which channels can I use to collect reviews?

Natively in our platform, you can reach your guests via multiple channels, including Email, SMS, QR Code, Beacon, WIFI, tablet or mobile. Generate static links to any feedback form for flexible integration in any custom solution of your choosing.

We can also integrate and analyse the feedback you’re collecting from your own channels (call transcripts, video transcripts, etc…).

To which external portals can I send my reviews?

You’ll be able to send reviews to any portal that has an open review form such as Google, HolidayCheck, Facebook, Trustpilot, AutoScout 24, etc.
Our hotel clients can also benefit from our partnership with TripAdvisor so you can send reviews to their portal directly from our platform.

Plus, after a customer completes a survey, they’ll encounter a thank you page where you can give them the option to share their reviews on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, and WhatsApp.

Do you connect to my CRM system?

There is a good chance we already do! We currently support integrations with over 90 CRM systems and industry specific systems (PMS, etc…). Our open API enables you to extract all information via JSON and make sure there is a seamless two-way interface to all systems. Re-feeding data into your CRM system as well as adding other data sources (e.g. own feedback questionnaires, surveys from external call centers, etc.) is not a problem.

Is customer data safe with Customer Alliance?

Protecting customer information is of utmost importance to Customer Alliance. As a German company, we are held to some of the most stringent data protection requirements in the world and are fully GDPR compliant. We are TÜV and DEKRA-certified through our Data Protection Officer Hans-Christian Widegreen, and undertake regular professional penetration testing to ensure that customer data can not be accessed by unauthorised parties. For more details, see Update from Customer Alliance Regarding GDPR.

Which industries do you serve?

Over the past 10 years, we’ve built experience with Voice of the Customer & Customer Satisfaction with small and medium businesses and large enterprise clients from multiple industries. Check out our solutions page to see our solutions by industry and by business size.

Can the platform be customised to my company needs?

There is a possibility to create a customer solution with our universal platform. If you are an enterprise client and need a tailored solution, we are quite flexible. Contact us and let’s see what we can do for your company.

How long are your contracts?

We offer 1, 2 and 3-year contracts. As we are always developing and releasing new features for free, we do offer the possibility to freeze prices for the companies that select 3-year contracts. Some exceptions are possible in exceptional circumstances.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, after consulting with one of our experts and seeing a tailored demo of our product, if you still need a trial of our product we can make that happen. We’d be happy to provide a training session, and set up a free trial for you.

What are the payment methods and periods?

You can select one of the following billing cycles: monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly, in line with the agreement periods. Payment can be made via credit card, Paypal or direct debit.

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Customer feedback software by Customer Alliance includes Customer Experience Management, Voice of the Customer and Online Reputation Management.