Can I delete online reviews?

The significance of reviews for the hotel and gastronomy industries has increased substantially over the last few years. According to TripAdvisor, 93 percent of all customers use guest reviews to choose a hotel or restaurant. In addition, the countless reviews on portals such as Facebook, Google, HolidayCheck, TripAdvisor or offer a lot of potential for you as a company to find out more about your guests’ experiences and to become more attractive to future guests. However, what can you do if negative, maybe even defamatory reviews are among the positive ones? Is it possible to delete online reviews?

Manage negative reviews and increase your revenue

Don’t view a negative review as a flaw, but rather as a chance to learn from your mistakes. Prompt and personal responses to reviews – both positive and negative – will show your previous and future guests that you value their opinion, that their feedback was received and that customer service is important to you.

A solution-oriented and sensible complaint management is an investment for the future: A study by TripAdvisor showed that 83 percent of all guests would book again if they received an “appropriate” reaction to their online criticism by the management.

Another study confirms the direct relationship between the hotelier’s reaction to reviews and the increase in the hotel’s occupancy rates. So don’t ask how you can delete online reviews. Accept your guests’ feedback and use it to transform the reviews into revenue!

Can I delete online reviews?

The reviews collected by Customer Alliance can generally not be deleted. Once a guest has submitted a review, it’s in the system and will be published. If you receive a negative Customer Alliance review and your guest talks critically about the stay in your hotel, then you have the option to react to the review through the public commentary function and thereby enter into a dialogue with the guest. This approach can clear up many misunderstandings directly.

The Customer Alliance mediation process

In serious cases, our tool offers you the option to initiate a mediation process. You can use this feature and discuss in a private email conversation with the guest what specifically led to the bad review and how you can solve the situation in a satisfactory way. Our tool offers your guest the option to delete or change his review within fourteen days.

In most cases, the problem can be solved through personal contact and emphatic commitment. Taking proactive action creates an atmosphere of trust between your company and your customer. The guest will appreciate that his concern is heard and that you care about him.

We’re here for you

PS: Obviously, the old principle applies: There’s an exception to every rule. If a Customer Alliance review contains racial or sexist content, is verifiably spreading serious falsehoods or is naming and insulting your employees by name, then you can obviously contact our customer service. Our staff will examine the situation and will possibly delete the respective online review. This applies solely to your Customer Alliance reviews. If you have received a defamatory review on a public portal, then please contact their customer service.

If you have any questions about the review management, then please contact us via the form below! One of our employees will contact you and help you for free.