Facebook Recommendations and Commenting Now Supported

With our latest update, it is now possible to comment on Facebook reviews and recommendations directly from your Customer Alliance backend

Facebook Recommendations

Gradually over the past weeks, Facebook have been adding recommendations along with the old reviews, where users can simply choose to either recommend a business to their friends or not. Users can not submit any new reviews, just recommendations. This results in the lack of reviews graded on a 5-star scale as previously seen.

In order to support this change, Customer Alliance have made an update:
Facebook Recommendation will be treated as a different source to the previous 5-star scale reviews. This will allow customers to better filter the two types of reviews.

We believe that these changes will help businesses evaluate the feedback collected with this new review format from Facebook.

Facebook Commenting

Responding to feedback left by users on Facebook is about to get much easier, with the ability to respond to reviews directly from your Customer Alliance dashboard. We’re sure that this will save you a lot of time.

Activate Facebook Commenting and Recommendations

  1. Navigate to the General Settings menu within your dashboard. Within the Portal accounts tab, you will find the option to connect a number of your accounts, including Facebook.
  2. Simply click on Connect next to Facebook and a dialogue box will appear requesting permission to connect to your Facebook account. It is important that you are an Administrator of your Facebook Business profile, in order to be able to respond to the reviews.
  3. Once successful, we will inform you of this being completed and you will be able to respond to any Facebook review seen within your Review Stream.

How does it work?

  1. Navigate to your Review Stream.
  2. Find a Facebook Review and click on “Comment”.
  3. Done. Your reply will be automatically posted to your Facebook page and on the respective review in your Customer Alliance review stream.

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