Can I publish the reviews directly on other platforms?

Collect. Distribute. Analyse.

Perhaps you have already come across these three terms on our website. They describe the quintessential nature of our tool. Using our customised questionnaire enables you to gather more evaluations, thereby improving your online reputation.
The distribution function helps you to integrate these evaluations into your own homepage, and spread them across a variety of rating websites. And finally, using our semantic and statistical analysis functionality, you can make detailed sense of your ratings, and use that data for your own strategic planning.

Distribution of your Customer Feedback

Today we will talk about “distributing your feedback”. What appears quite straightforward at first glance, does pose a few questions when considered in more detail - especially if you are not already a Customer Alliance customer, and hence have not had the chance to get familiar with our solution through a personalised training session conducted by our customer service team.

  • Can I publish the feedback, which I have gathered using the Customer Alliance questionnaire, directly on other platforms?
  • And can I refer 100% of my guests on to other platforms, or do some of them need to stay with Customer Alliance?
  • Which platforms do I have access to?
  • Do I have to manually refer my guests to other platforms, or is that done automatically?
  • Can I choose which guest ends up on which platform?

First of all: our solution provides you with an incredible amount of options when it comes to distributing your invitations, which you can customise in detail, and which can be modified at any time - depending on your personal needs.

Broadly speaking, you have two options when distributing your invitations.

Publishing Customer Alliance and Tripadvisor evaluations

Option 1 enables you to invite your guests to write a Customer Alliance or Tripadvisor review, the former of which will be implemented on your own website. Just set the distribution percentage in your backend, and your guests will automatically receive the feedback questionnaire. Whether you refer 100% of your guests on to TripAdvisor, or whether you prefer a different distribution, is entirely up to yourself.
By the way: guests who choose to complete the Customer Alliance questionnaire, upon receipt of their thank-you email following submission of same, will have the option of sharing it on TripAdvisor, too - with just a few clicks. This works via our tool automatically taking the guest’s feedback, and pasting it into the TripAdvisor questionnaire. In case the customer does not yet have a TripAdvisor account, a new one is automatically generated - in this manner you can directly obtain feedback for both platforms, without the guest having to do any extra work.

This option is ideal if, on the one hand, you want to collect more Customer Alliance evaluations for use on your own website, with the aim of keeping your Google ranking “fresh”, while at the same time increasing your TripAdvisor ranking.

Customer Alliance and all other rating platforms

Distribution option 2 also covers Customer Alliance feedback - and in addition all other public rating platforms. From large, well-known platforms such as HolidayCheck, Facebook, and Google, all the way to country-specific platforms; it is entirely your own choice which platform is of particular importance to you, and where you want to refer your guests. Every now and again we get queries from customers who are not involved in the hospitality industry, but who ask themselves how our distribution functionality can help them to spread their evaluations around the web. Well, as stated earlier, it’s completely up to yourself where you want to refer your customers to.

For example, if you happen to be a dentist, just choose Jameda instead of HolidayCheck - and before you know it, your profile page will gather fresh and genuine feedback from real patients. You got bad feedback on HolidayCheck? Simply adjust your settings, and, for a short period of time, refer all your guests on to HolidayCheck - with a view to “pushing” the negative feedback further down, so that it will no longer appear prominently at the top of the page. Of course, this will improve your average rating at the same time.

Naturally, this variant also gives you the option to choose yourself what percentage of your guests goes to which platform. Once set up, this solution will automatically allocate guests to the correct platform, according to the percentage figures. For example, you can automatically invite all guests who use a Gmail-address to leave feedback on Google, and refer all Dutch guests on to Zoover.

It’s all about the right mix

And which of these two options is the right one for you? Which platforms will your evaluations end up on? Well, how about you make use of both options, in order to ensure an optimal distribution across all relevant platforms? Simply set up an automatic rotation between options in your backend - weekly, monthly, entirely up to you -, and take advantage of our tool’s full potential in order to place more and better evaluations on all platforms.

Do you have any other questions as to distribution, or our tool? Or have we piqued your interest enough so that you would like to take a look at our backend - of course customised for your company and personal needs - with your own eyes? Perhaps you would like to refer some customer or another directly on to specific platforms, in order to further improve your ranking there? Wonderful! Contact us using the form below, ask your questions, and try out our tool for 30 days - with no costs nor obligations. We are looking forward to hearing from you!