How to Uncover the Real Email Address of Expedia Guests

Expedia, the online travel agency offering hotels, flights, package tours, rental cars or event tickets, is one of the top dogs in the digital travel industry. Portals such as trivago and also belong to the company. Expedia thus plays an important role for travelers and hotels alike. For hotels, however, online travel agencies (OTA) are both a curse and a blessing. High commission payments, which often account for up to two thirds of the margin, are a burden for many hoteliers. Nevertheless, Expedia is and remains an important sales and marketing channel for attracting guests. 

Unfortunately, hotel owners only have a limited possibility to communicate via email with guests who have booked via Expedia. To protect their privacy and from potential spam, viruses and other misconduct, Expedia generates a temporary email address ending in “”, which is only valid for a short time after the check-out. It is very frustrating for hoteliers, as the guest can only be contacted for a limited time. As soon as the email address generated by Expedia expires, the communication with the guest will also stop. But this is, in fact, the key to a positive and lasting experience!ce!

Why is the real email address of guests so important?

Maintaining the relationship with guests and turning requests into direct bookings – thanks to the real email addresses! Staying in touch with your guests is important to personalize the experience before and after their stay, and to ultimately increase the satisfaction and loyalty. Uncovering the actual email address will therefore help you to:

  • communicate with guests before their arrival to share important information about the hotel (e.g. opening hours, renovations) or the surrounding area (e.g. events or parties)
  • offer additional services before check-in, such as a room upgrade or spa treatment, and thereby generate additional revenue.
  • request relevant data from your guests in preparation for their stay. Be it to personalize the stay or to fill out the digital registration form in advance to shorten the check-in process.
  • stay in contact with the guest even after the check-out. For example, share information on loyalty programs or offer discounts if the guest books with you again directly.

How to uncover the real email address of Expedia guests

To help hoteliers maintain the relationship with guests after they have left, Customer Alliance allows you to uncover the real email address of Expedia guests. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your dashboard and click on “Settings” in the left menu and then on “Questionnaire“.
  2. Select the Post Stay questionnaire and click on the small gear wheel “Settings” next to the question “Your email address” in order to edit it.
  3. Now, you have the option to activate the field “Show if email ends with or”. Once activated, this question will only be shown to guests who have booked via Expedia. All other guests with real email addresses will not be asked this question, because their actual address is already stored.

After uncovering the actual email addresses, you can start strengthening the relationship with your guests, drive your sales and turn them into direct bookers. Are you still unsure how to make the best use of the e-mail addresses you have obtained? Then book a personal, free appointment with one of our experts right away!

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FAQs about finding Expedia guests’ real email addresses

What are the legal implications and privacy concerns for hoteliers when attempting to obtain real email addresses from guests who booked through Expedia?

The legal implications and privacy concerns around obtaining real email addresses involve navigating data protection laws, such as GDPR in Europe, which require explicit consent from individuals before using their personal data for marketing or other purposes. Hotels must ensure they have lawful grounds for processing personal data.

How do guests generally react to hoteliers reaching out to them directly after obtaining their real email addresses, especially considering privacy expectations?

Guest reactions can vary; some may appreciate direct communication for personalized offers or important information, while others might view it as a breach of privacy. It’s crucial for hotels to communicate the value of direct contact and respect preferences for privacy and data usage.

Besides the method described, are there any alternative strategies or tools hoteliers can use to effectively communicate with guests who book through OTAs like Expedia without needing to uncover their real email addresses?

Alternative strategies include encouraging guests to join loyalty programs, offering incentives for direct bookings in the future, or using social media platforms for engagement. These methods can foster direct relationships without needing access to the guests’ private email addresses.