Understand Satisfaction At Every Touchpoint With Our Customer Journey Tool

The customer journey refers to the series of interactions a customer has with your company before, during and after a transaction. From following your brand on social media to telling a friend about your product or service, every interaction (or touchpoint) plays a vital role in your overall customer experience.

That’s why we want to make it easy to visualise your customer journey from start to finish. Along with a holistic view of satisfaction throughout the journey, our Customer Journey Tool also enables you to analyse, compare and track each individual touchpoint for maximum impact.

Why Visualise The Customer Journey?

Research has shown that 80% of customers today consider the experience a company provides to be just as important as their product or service. Visualising the customer journey offers a strategic approach to better understanding your customers and their expectations. 

In turn, this provides you with a valuable opportunity to optimise the customer experience. The end result? Greater customer satisfaction, more return business and increased revenue over time.

Every touchpoint along the journey has the potential to affect the customer’s course of action. For example, if an online check-out process is too complicated or asks for too much information, they may simply abandon the purchase completely. 

By analysing and comparing data across each step of the journey, you will be able to quickly identify any problems and get a thorough grasp of satisfaction drivers.

Our Customer Journey Visualisation Tool At A Glance

This feature allows you to fully understand your VoC scores per touchpoint, all in one place. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do with the Customer Journey Visualisation tool:

  • Filter by date range – Drill down your customer journey data in just a couple of clicks, enabling easy comparison and valuable insights. 
  • Compare metrics like NPS, CSAT, CES and your Public Reviews Score – Discover your performance across every touchpoint, with tangible numbers laid out in a clear, visual way. 
  • Create touchpoint benchmarks – Track your progress over time with a clear and simple graph, allowing you to react quickly if scores begin to slip.
  • Respond to negative reviews along the customer journey – Build trust, solidify your reputation and make sure your customers feel heard.

How To Access The Customer Journey Tool

  1. From your dashboard, scroll to the left-hand menu and click ‘Analytics 360’.
  2. A drop-down menu will appear. From this menu, click ‘Customer Journey’.

Want to learn more about this feature? Then please do not hesitate to contact us or book your free, custom demo. One of our experts will explain everything you need to know and answer all your questions.

Want to learn more?

Book your free, custom demo with one of our experts and learn all about this exciting new feature.