Collect Real Email Addresses from Guests

When guests make reservations over, a temporary email address is generated for communication purposes which is only valid until a short period after the check-out date. This is a policy by to not only ensure the privacy of the guest, but to also help protect them from potential spam, virus and potential misconduct.

For hoteliers, this can sometimes be frustrating as it results in a limited timeframe for a relationship with the guest. Once the generated email address has expired, then so to does the communication with this guest and therefore the relationship. For many hoteliers this is a contentious issue as is able to continue the relationship with the guest as they have access to the real email address, whereas the hotel does not.

Automatically Collecting Real Email Addresses

In order to help hoteliers continue the relationship after the departure of the guest, Customer Alliance have included the functionality to automatically ask guests who have made a reservation via to provide their real email address.

By simply activating the “Show if email ends with” option, the Email Address field will only be shown to guests who have made reservations via All other guests with other email addresses will not be shown this question, as their real email address is already available.

Now that the real email address has been collected from the guest, it is possible to effectively generate new, long-term newsletter subscribers for your hotel and continue the relationship with the guest long after their departure from your hotel.

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