How a healthcare clinic harnessed the power of feedback and increased Google ratings by 15%
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How a healthcare clinic harnessed the power of feedback and increased Google ratings by 15%

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Among the baroque buildings and tree-lined boulevards of Turin, a clinic has been helping patients regain their health for almost 50 years.
Founded by Dr Marcello Empoli, Centro Medico Fisio Lingotto began as a physiotherapy centre. In the decades since, it has diversified to offer a wider range of diagnostics and treatments and now sees more than 700 patients pass through its doors each day.

With an already busy practice plus a new facility set to open, Executive Director Paolo Pavese knew it was time to update how the clinic gathered and processed feedback. Listening to patient voices was already at the heart of the clinic philosophy. But previously, feedback was collected with paper surveys, making it hard to generate enough data to convert into actions.

Centro Medico Fisio Lingotto chose Customer Alliance, a European Voice of the Customer platform, to enhance its clinic-patient communications.


  1. Digitalise and automate the collection of feedback
  2. Generate better quality data and facilitate easy analysis
  3. Achieve greater awareness of patient satisfaction drivers

Action: Implement a comprehensive feedback management system

Using the Customer Alliance software, Centro Medico Fisio Lingotto added a new touchpoint to its patient journey. Around seven days post-treatment, patients automatically receive an email inviting them to share their opinions through an evaluation questionnaire. 

The questionnaire takes mere minutes for the patient to complete, but provides a wealth of valuable insights for the clinic. Though presented in one simple form, the questionnaire can be looked at in two different parts: a customer experience survey to get a deeper understanding of possible areas for improvements and an invitation to leave a public review online

The Survey: An easy way to get detailed feedback

176 patient opinions gathered

Along with practical information like which service they used, patients can share ratings of the care, information and courtesy they experienced at Centro Medico Fisio Lingotto.

With the results easily accessible through a central dashboard, the clinic can see the data in real-time. This paints a much more accurate picture of both their performance and the overall patient experience. As Mr Pavese explains:

CA has made the analysis of patient satisfaction data both quick and simple. We were able to go from the initial idea to the first results in just three months.

Furthermore, the clinic can now monitor both NPS and CSAT scores, giving a quantifiable measurement of patient satisfaction to track and improve over time. 

The Public Review: A quick online reputation builder

15% increase in Google star rating in just five months

The other facet of the questionnaire invites respondents to leave a review directly on the form. It is then distributed (anonymously or otherwise, according to patient preference) to online platforms and published straight to the company website.

The ease of the online format has also allowed the clinic to engage a group of satisfied patients who previously had not made their opinion heard. As a result, they received 167 new public reviews in their first five months on the platform, a number that is only increasing with time.

Impactful Results

In a short time with Customer Alliance, Centro Medico Fisio Lingotto has built a robust feedback management system that supports tangible business goals. The clinic has:

  1. Collected 176 feedback forms by making it possible for patients to give their opinions  systematically
  2. Bolstered online reviews both in volume and score, with 167 new submissions and a 15% ratings increase
  3. Begun using the new data to monitor and improve its service offer

But perhaps most important of all, it has ensured that the patient voice continues to be heard loud and clear.

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