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How The Mandala Hotel leverages the in-stay survey to improve guest experiences

The benefits of a good "during stay" communication

The Mandala Hotel represents excellence in Berlin. But in an industry where innovation is constantly evolving and therefore customer demands are changing quickly, you have to remain competitive and offer a memorable customer experience.


The daily challenge of a hotel, and especially when offering a high quality of service, is to always surprise its guests and offer them the best possible experience. To do this, you need to know your target group, their wishes and needs and you have to operate proactively. Therefore, feedback is not only relevant once the guest left , but it needs to be collected during the entire journey.

The Mandala Hotel offers a wide range of services including a Michelin-starred restaurant, a bar, a spa as well as The Mandala Suites. But each outlet serves different guest needs and creates a unique experience. To make this as individual as possible, Customer Alliance supports The Mandala in collecting feedback in order to gain a better understanding of their customers ́ expectations. Through intelligent interactions, The Mandala Hotel is able to glean relevant information about the customer’s stay, allowing the team to make every effort to optimize the experience.

Strategy & solution

Because the diversity of its offer makes this hotel so special, the approach taken by The Mandala and Customer Alliance started off with optimizing the post-stay guest communication. The aim was to allow the hotel to systematically get an idea of ​​the overall guest satisfaction. An individual feedback questionnaire has been developed for each outlet to differentiate each of the services offered and to get an in-depth insight into each outlet ́strengths and weaknesses.

To go further than simply apprehending the post-stay feedback, Customer Alliance implemented questionnaires whose purpose is to collect feedback during the stay. Thus, customers enjoy a privileged means of communication with the hotel at any time and can be assured that everything will be done to meet their expectations and to offer them a personalized experience. It is undeniable that the feedback collected is also a very useful to resolve problems or issues before the guest is leaving and to optimize operations.

With the feedback provided by the Customer Alliance solution, The Mandala Hotel has all the necessary means to glean returns during the stay and thus anticipate the needs, respond to requests and resolve any problems encountered by customers. Thus, the guest satisfaction can only be positevely impacted.


  • Guest invited during their stay: 6687
  • Satisfaction index during the stay: 94,32%
  • Satisfaction index post-stay: 92%

Results breakdown:

  • Positive: 6402
  • Neutral: 246
  • Negative: 39


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Mickaël Bensassi

Marketing Manager