How Relais Castello di Casiglio achieved the no.1 ranking on
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How Relais Castello di Casiglio achieved the no.1 ranking on

An ideal base for discovering the elegance of Lake Como, Relais Castello di Casiglio is a historic castle and 19th-century villa surrounded by parkland. Alongside its spacious, meticulously designed rooms, the accommodation boasts an expansive outdoor pool, restaurant and spa.

The company

Location: Erba, Lombardy
Accommodation type: 4-star
Rooms: 47 rooms, with three spa suites coming soon
With Customer Alliance since: October 2022

The results

  • 4% increase in their survey response rate in one year
  • An increase in satisfaction scores across all major portals:
    • +18% in one year on TripAdvisor
    • + 11% on HolidayCheck
    • + 1% on Booking
    • + 0,6% on Google

What were Relais Castello di Casiglio’s challenges before Customer Alliance?

They had to manage reviews and feedback manually

Relais Castello di Casiglio has listings on multiple review portals, including Google, and Tripadvisor. But keeping track of reviews across different platforms took precious time away from management.

They were looking for a way to simplify their workflow and manage their reviews and feedback in one place.

They had limited insight into guest satisfaction

Relais Castello di Casiglio is dedicated to providing an unforgettable guest experience. But with no system for sending surveys and analysing feedback, the hotel struggled to pinpoint areas for improvement, relying on guesswork rather than data-driven decisions.

Once they made a change, they had no tangible way to see if it impacted guest satisfaction, leaving their efforts up to chance.

How does Customer Alliance help Relais Castello di Casiglio?

Andrea Maistrello, Management Assistant, identified three main ways Customer Alliance add value:

  • Automating guest surveys, both during and post-stay
  • Making it faster and easier to respond to guest reviews
  • Providing clear insight into guest satisfaction, driving meaningful change

Here’s how Relais Castello di Casiglio uses the platform and the results they achieved.

They save time by collecting guest feedback on autopilot

Relais Castello di Casiglio uses Customer Alliance to send two surveys, with an impressive response rate of 37% (7% higher than the average for email surveys).

The during-stay survey: proactively managing guest satisfaction

The first survey is sent automatically to guests one day after arrival. It asks guests to answer, using a simple rating scale, how their stay is going, and how easy it was to check in.

If the guest gives a low rating, a follow-up question is asked to identify what they could improve. Finally, the guest is asked if there is anything the hotel can help with.

By using this survey early on in the stay, management at Relais Castello di Casiglio can quickly identify any issues and fix them while the guest is still at the hotel. This proactive approach has a knock-on effect on their overall guest satisfaction and reviews.

The post-stay survey: a comprehensive view of the guest experience

The second survey is sent to guests on the day of their departure, designed to capture feedback while the experience is fresh in the guests’ minds. 

This survey is more in-depth, asking guests to rate specific aspects of their stay including the breakfast, cleanliness and room. Using a mix of ratings-style questions and free text, the hotel can gather qualitative and quantitative data to better understand how they’re doing.

The survey responses are automatically collected in one dashboard, making it easy and efficient for staff to check the survey responses and take action where necessary.

They build guest loyalty with a 100% review response rate

Relais Castello di Casiglio understands the importance of replying to reviews. But with reviews spread across different portals, keeping up can be challenging.

With Customer Alliance’s Review Stream, hotel staff no longer have to check each review site individually, a tedious task that drains time and resources. As Andrea says:

“Responding to guest comments gives the greatest value as it makes the job easier. Customer Alliance helps us streamline many processes and allows us to have a more proactive approach to guest requests”

Customer Alliance Review Stream

Thanks to our direct reply functionality, staff can respond to reviews straight from their dashboard. 

With everything in one place, the hotel has an impressive response rate of 100%, helping them build guest loyalty and showcase their commitment to excellent customer service.

They reach more potential guests with top spots on Google, Tripadvisor and

Relais Castello di Casiglio’s dedication to guest satisfaction has paid dividends in its online visibility.

Thanks to a large number of positive reviews, Relais Castello di Casiglio has earned a coveted place in the Google Map Pack for the search query ‘hotel erba italy’. 

Research shows that listings in the Google Map Pack receive 126% more traffic than businesses ranked 4-10, resulting in significantly more direct traffic to their website.

Increasing their online findability further, Relais Castello di Casiglio also ranks no.1 on and Tripadvisor’s listings for hotels in Erba.

This prime positioning on all three websites amplifies the hotel’s credibility and attractiveness to potential guests, leading to more clicks on its listings and more bookings.

They make improvements that have a demonstrable impact on guest satisfaction

From the hotel’s guest surveys and online reviews, Customer Alliance provides insights across a broad range of topics, including staff, cleanliness, comfort and price.

From the platform, Relais Castello di Casiglio staff can make data-backed decisions about what to improve – and track the impact of those changes. As Andrea explains:

“The feedback gives us valuable insights that enable us to make improvements, which become evident when we analyse the guest satisfaction data provided by Customer Alliance. 

For example, it was very effective for assessing satisfaction with cleanliness over a specific period, after making changes like the scent we used on our sheets and hiring an additional housekeeper.”

The ability to easily identify trends and patterns in guest feedback means that the hotel can respond swiftly to guest concerns and needs. 

This not only boosts guest satisfaction in the short term but also helps build a positive reputation for the hotel, attracting more potential guests and leading to a more successful business overall. 

By listening to their guests and constantly refining their service, Relais Castello di Casiglio staff has enhanced their overall guest experience and reinforced the hotel’s position as a top choice in the region.

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