How trustworthy are Customer Alliance reviews?

April, 2018

The question of whether guest reviews can be trusted is one which has become increasingly important in recent times. At the beginning of the year, our CEO shared their opinion on the matter, as well as their vision for the future of online reputation. If we accept that reviews play a crucial role in the guest journey, it’s reasonable to wonder just how trustworthy guest review platforms are. Are these reviews authentic? What about those gathered by Customer Alliance? In this article, we’ll provide some answers to these questions.

Ensuring that a review is authentic

You should keep an eye on the many online review platforms in order to make sure your brand image stays in good shape. With the incessant influx of guest reviews being posted, it’s quite tricky to remember a guest simply from reading their review. But how can you be sure that a review posted is indeed from someone who has really stayed in your establishment?

At Customer Alliance, we make a point of certifying guest reviews in order to maintain transparency between us and the hotelier on the one hand, and between the hotelier and their guests on the other. So, thanks to the synchronisation of data relating to a hotel from the PMS and our solution, only those guests who have stayed in the hotel in question are invited to leave a review. From there, the hotelier can choose, depending on the strategy they’ve decided to adopt, to either direct their guests towards external platforms (TripAdvisor, Google, HolidayCheck…), or towards a personalised questionnaire which ultimately allows the hotelier to integrate their guest feedback into their website, via our Certificate.

The reviews collected by Customer Alliance are therefore authentic and relate guests’ experience of a hotel in a transparent manner.

It’s also wise to strengthen your visibility on the most visited review platforms, like TripAdvisor and Google. Here too, we make a point of verifying that reviews are truthful, and that’s why we’ve redoubled our efforts to build strong partnerships with the big players like TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck, Google and Trivago. TripAdvisor places particular emphasis on the need for truthfulness, by specifying, if applicable, that a review like the one shown below comes from an establishment that uses Customer Alliance.

As such, we are certified TripAdvisor Platinum Review Partner, which highlights the authenticity of the reviews collected by Customer Alliance. In addition, the collection of Google reviews via our post-stay satisfaction questionnaire is also certified.

Avis TripAdvisor collecté par Customer Alliance

We’ll now take a look at how to gather certified reviews.

Collecting reviews: ok, but how?

You’ll be able to collect certified reviews if you ask your guests to leave reviews for your establishment. Now, Customer Alliance may not have the same level of influence as a platform like TripAdvisor, but the collection process, as well as the quality of the reviews gathered, make it a reliable source for your hotel.

Customer Alliance enables you to invite guests to leave reviews in two ways: by email or by text. This way, your response rate is optimised significantly. Only your guests can receive these invitations, which means there is no possibility of receiving a fake review. There are also other ways of getting feedback from your guests. We’ve implemented a pre-stay invitation, as well as requests sent during the stay, in order to accompany the guest at every stage during their stay and help meet their needs in all circumstances.

To conclude…

If collecting reviews is important in order to ensure good online visibility, then collecting authentic reviews is vital to reassure any potential guests. Customer Alliance is committed to transparency, providing functions which enable you to check where reviews come from, either through our questionnaire or through our partners, like TripAdvisor.

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