Hotel Reputation Management

What is hotel reputation management?

Hotel reputation management is the practice of monitoring and influencing how your property is perceived throughout the web. The concept emerged within public relations, but shifted its focus towards newly emerging review sites, social media platforms and search engines. Hardly any other industry is as vulnerable or affected by the impact of reputation management as the hospitality industry. According to TripAdvisor:

  • 93% of the people use online reviews when determining which hotel they want to stay at
  • 53% of the people surveyed would not book a hotel that didn’t have online reviews
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However, the hospitality industry can also take advantage of the importance of reviews and online reputation. User generated content (UGC) such as reviews, have a major impact on a customer’s purchase decision. So, acquiring positive feedback from satisfied guests is now a priority for hotel owners and general managers. According to an Ipsos study:

  • 68% trusted peer reviews (i.e. opinions and online reviews)
  • 53% are influenced by UGC during a purchase decision

It’s now vital that you as a hotelier get to grips with hotel reputation management and track your online reputation.

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In the competitive environment of the hospitality industry,  online reputation directly affects sales volume. Effective hotel reputation management helps you secure a competitive advantage. Conversely, a poor online reputation could potentially lead to serious losses. Disregarding negative comments and reviews that appear on page one of Google will cost much more in lost revenue than putting sufficient resources into effective hotel reputation management. In many cases, business owners spend years building up a positive image of their brand and are surprised by how quickly their hard-won reputation takes a hit. The key to success is being proactive. As we outlined in a recent whitepaper on hotel revenue management, you can take advantage of the possibilities arising from the explosion of review portals.

Hotel Reputation Management
Hotel Reputation Management

Is it worth investing in a professional hotel reputation management company?

For most hoteliers, online hotel reputation management is a relatively new concept. The internet and the changes in consumer culture means that online reputation management must now become a central component of your marketing strategy. We understand the day-to-day pressures on hotel owners and managers, so successfully managing your reputation requires a straightforward, user-friendly solution.

“Common sense dictates that there is a link between guest reviews and revenue performance. Of course, there are many contributing factors, but to watch your Revenue Generation Index increase as your Guest Satisfaction Index increases puts more science into the instinct.” – Corin Burr

Making the investment in online reputation management creates the possibility to harness a new and growing revenue stream. Remember, the way a customer perceives and interacts with your business is directly impacted by your online reputation.

What can Customer Alliance do for you in terms of hotel reputation management?

Customer Alliance solution can help you manage, improve and amplify your online reputation. How?

Collect & Analyse

  • Send bespoke emails to your guests requesting a review of their stay.
  • Assign percentages of guests to specific review portals
  • Avoid fake or malicious reviews by only sending requests to guests
  • Email your guests in multiple languages
  • Create questionnaires tailored to your business and your visual branding
  • Semantic analysis: discover which words are used most often in your reviews and their sentiment (positive/negative)


  • Distribute your reviews automatically to a range of social networks and review portals.  This way, you can improve your respective ratings on each platform in order to upgrade your general CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index)


  • The Customer Alliance Widget clearly displays your average review score

Case studies

Investing into a professional hotel Reputation Management solution makes sense in almost every case. If you would like to see this theory validated by practical examples, take a look at three case studies from hotels, which could already benefit from the services Customer Alliance has to offer:

In a nutshell

Hotel reputation management has evolved from a possible addition to a hotel’s revenue strategy to an essential element for maintaining competitiveness. Gathering feedback and distributing it intelligently will increase your visibility across social media, review portals and booking platforms, as well as driving traffic to your own site. Once initiated, hotel reputation management becomes a self-sustaining system. In terms of online marketing, this is one of, if not the, most effective strategies you can employ to persuade travelers to book. Investing in a hotel reputation management solution leaves you, the hotelier, more time to concentrate on offering your guests the best possible experience, an experience that they are likely to review.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it” – Warren Buffet