How can I get to know my guests’ opinion during all the phases of their stay?

Your guest’s experience does not begin upon arrival at your facility, but much earlier. Already at the time of booking a sort of cooperation is established between you and your host: the both of you want things to proceed absolutely for the best and for this to happen small expedients are necessary.

The importance of good pre-stay communication

When a new guest books at your hotel, it is good to assume that, apart from some information found on the internet, they will know nothing about your hotel, or the surroundings and the place where it is located. A good rule is therefore to send a message via email before arrival to provide them with some useful information, such as the shortest route to reach the facility, services nearby such as restaurants, playgrounds, supermarkets, the possibility of parking… but above all , immediately ask the right questions to anticipate the requests of the guests and let them find everything ready on arrival.

For example, does the guest travel with children? Ask them if they need a baby-sitting service or if they want to book for them the entrances to the amusement park for families a few kilometers from your hotel.
It’s simple and it will surprise them. Try and see!

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What to do during the stay?

A great way to get real-time feedback during your guest’s stay is the Instant Survey via WiFi. One of the first actions a guest performs as soon as they check-in is to connect to the WiFi network. Why not take advantage of this step to also request an initial feedback on the condition of the room or how the check-in was? You can take advantage of a simple action such as connecting to the WiFi network to collect first impressions and also to ask the host if they need something more like a second pillow or another towel. Also in this case, the wow effect is immediate and the guest will be more inclined to share their opinion with you and, if they have any, even their special requests.
Another way to get immediate feedback is to place QR Codes in strategic places in the room or in the hotel in general. For example, if you want to receive your guest’s opinion on the new breakfast provider, you can easily place a QR code in the restaurant or even directly at the table.
Asking for feedback during the stay is very important because it allows you to meet all the requests of guests during their vacation. This way you make your guests extremely satisfied with your service because you will always be available and you will avoid unpleasant surprises during check-out.

Post-stay feedback: what sums up the whole experience

If you have worked well before and during the stay, surely the feedback of your guest after leaving the facility can only be positive. The important thing is that you ask your guests actively for their opinion.
Unfortunately many times even if the experience was positive, the satisfied guest once arrived home and returned to the usual routine, forgets to write a review.
That’s why through the invitation to review and the customizable Customer Alliance questionnaire, you can collect more reviews online by soliciting the so-called “silent mass” that, while having appreciated your service, if not pushed to do so, will hardly leave feedback.
But how to request a review from a guest after they leave the facility? Simple! Our personalized questionnaire can be sent by e-mail or SMS. Of course, you must have the right information of your guests to send them a message, to obviate in accordance with the GDPR.

How can you get them?
Certainly during booking or during the period of stay. For example, once the Instant Survey is completed via WiFi, you can request the email address from your host and then contact them in the future.

Another useful tool to collect the reviews of your guests is the tablet, which strategically located at the reception allows you to ask for feedback directly during check-out.
It is proven that this way if the guest has noticed some lack in your service will be more inclined to say so at the time and not to write it later, so you can immediately clarify the misunderstanding. In addition to this very positive aspect, the tablet is an additional tool that allows you to collect data to contact your guest at a later time, always in accordance with the GDPR.

Now that you have all the information you need to find out what your guests are saying during all the phases of your stay, what are you waiting for to start turning your reviews into revenue?

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