Review Online: How Customer Reviews Help You to Generate More Revenue

Online reviews are a perfect tool to increase visibility and drive sales

Online ratings are more important than ever before. Whether looking for a restaurant or buying new sneakers – according to a study by the digital association Bitkom, one in two online shoppers reads the online reviews of other customers before he or she makes a decision (1). So customer reviews can increase trust that buyers place in a company. But how do they help to increase sales? Let’s take a look at the link between online reviews and an increase in your revenue.

Identify review platforms which are relevant to your business

The number of review platforms can seem intimidating at first glance. There are a variety of sites, but not all of them are necessarily beneficial for your business. You need to know your clientele, where they come from and what their habits are. For instance, if you can determine that a large proportion of your hotel guests come from German-speaking countries, it is vital to be represented on a platform like HolidayCheck. As a restaurant owner, this portal is less relevant, but platforms like Yelp are even more.

Take control of review platforms

You should consider portals such as Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook as important tools. Customers are well informed these days. They research, read other customer reviews and compare. So give your customers exactly the information they expect. For many people who are looking for a restaurant, for example, Google will be the first choice for their research. That is why a so-called Google My Business page is recommended. Information that you add on your Google My Business page will be displayed immediately in Google search results and on Google Maps. This allows you to add business hours, your phone number, website URL and photos.

With an appropriate software solution for online reputation management, you can keep an eye on all relevant review portals. You will be informed about new online reviews and can respond and comment on all reviews. Responding to ratings also has a positive effect on potential customers. Because it shows that you take feedback seriously and value your customers´ opinion.

Customer Alliance to collect online reviews
The solution of Customer Alliance collects, centralizes and distributes online reviews to leading review portals


Increase your visibility on the internet

Search engines, such as Google, prefer up-to-date, authentic content. Online ratings are a classic form of so-called User Generated Content, short UGC. That´s content created and shared by customers. If you integrate customer reviews via our Customer Alliance Widget on your website, Google will evaluate it positively. This is because user-generated content gives your website topicality and relevance. Your online store, restaurant or hotel will move up in the search results.

This is an easy way to increase your visibility and to attract more visitors to your website. And more visitors means more sales.

Take advantage of negative customer reviews

Negative ratings seem to be hurting your image. After all, they are seen by potential buyers, who then – in the worst case – decide on purchasing another product or service. But you can also take advantage of negative online reviews and turn them into something positive.

It can always happen that a customer is disappointed. He or she then usually gives vent to his annoyance in the form of a poor online rating. Respond to this customer review! This has two advantages:

  • If potential customers see that you respond to criticism and try to solve problems, this has a positive effect on their perception. They notice that you care about your customers.
  • You may be able to win back dissatisfied customers. Because those who are initially dissatisfied will appreciate it very much if you try to solve problems.

React confidently and constructively to negative online reviews. This increases your credibility with existing and new customers and creates important trust.

To sum up…

Nowadays, customer reviews are crucial for many purchasing decisions. The number of online rating portals is immense, so first get an overview of the portals relevant for you. Take control by keeping track of all published reviews and sharing all relevant information with your customers. With the help of a software solution you collect and centralize all reviews and can react to them in a targeted manner. This increases your visibility on the Internet and at the same time you gain a better understanding of your customers’ expectations and needs.

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