Customer Alliance is a Berlin-based company offering smart solutions for the hospitality industry.

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CA Customer Alliance GmbH
Ullsteinstr. 118 | Tower B
12109 Berlin | Germany

Tel: +44 (20) 35 14 45 90
Fax: +49 30 / 521 07 02 30


We collect, analyze, distribute, and integrate customer-centric data to provide valuable insights for your operational and strategic decisions. Since officially starting in 2009, Customer Alliance has converted thousands within the worldwide hospitality industry to our solutions. Customer Alliance is a ~100-person strong, multinational team from various backgrounds in the hospitality industry. We love what we do- consulting and supporting you and your business.

Board of directors
  • Alexis Dobbelaere

    Alexis Dobbelaere

    Chief Sales Officer

  • Jolanta Emerli

    Jolanta Emerli

    Country Manager Eastern Europe

  • Dirk Jakisch

    Dirk Jakisch

    Country Manager DACH

  • Jens Panek

    Jens Panek

    CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

  • teammember_zg

    Zoé Garnier

    Country Manager France

  • ere_2

    Edoardo Reggiani

    Country Manager Italy

  • teammember_ws

    Willem Stimberg

    CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Mexico

  • teammember_dm

    David Maicher

    CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

  • teammember_am

    Angelina Mitterle

    Head of Business Development

  • teammember_mk

    Moritz Klussmann

    CEO (Chief Executive Officer) & Co-Founder

  • teammember_ts

    Torsten Sabel

    COO (Chief Operating Officer) & Co-Founder

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