8 best review management software for hotels in 2024

Countless hoteliers who turn to review management software struggle with the challenges of:

  1. Keeping up with guest reviews across multiple portals: Checking all the different portals is time-consuming. This makes it easy to miss reviews (especially problematic when you have bad feedback that puts your hotel’s reputation at risk)
  2. Replying to reviews: It’s hard to keep track of which reviews have been replied to and which haven’t. Plus, it’s not always easy to know how to reply.
  3. Understanding what to do with your review data: You know that guest feedback is critical in making improvements to your hotel, but you’re not sure how to extract the best insights from your reviews.

There are several review management software out there that solve these problems. These tools help manage reviews more effectively, monitor guest feedback, and uncover valuable insights to enhance your hotel’s performance. By using these software solutions, you’ll save time, reduce stress, and ultimately boost your hotel’s online reputation.

To help you decide on the best review management tools for your specific needs, we put together an in-depth, comprehensive post that compares each product’s features and online reviews.

Note: Customer Alliance is our very own review management software. We’re proud of what we’ve built, and have helped thousands of hotels achieve stress-free review management over the past 10+ years. See significant changes in how you manage guest feedback and improve your hotel’s reputation. Learn more and book a 15-minute intro here.

Best review management software for hotels

Customer Alliance is a comprehensive review management software informed by years of hospitality experience, enabling you and your team to manage and monitor reviews, hassle-free.

Our flexible software is ideal for hotel chains of all sizes, whether you’re overseeing a single boutique hotel or multiple locations across different regions or countries.

At Customer Alliance, we’ve focused on developing powerful features that enable you to:

  1. Manage reviews more efficiently: centralise feedback from multiple platforms, allowing you to effectively monitor and engage with guest reviews in one place. Use customisable response templates or AI-generated replies to address guest concerns efficiently and consistently, ultimately improving the guest experience.
  2. Get guest insights backed by data: use simple tools to better understand your guests’ likes and dislikes. Text analytics immediately identifies hot topics and areas for improvement, empowering you to make data-backed decisions.

We’ll discuss each feature in detail below.

Manage reviews more efficiently (automated review collection, distribution, AI and more)

One of the biggest frustrations we’ve heard from the 5,000+ hospitality businesses we’ve worked with is that managing reviews is too time-consuming and disjointed.

Not only do you deal with a larger number of reviews than other industries, but those reviews are also scattered across different portals like Google, and TripAdvisor. Add in more hotel locations and staying on top of reviews gets even tricker. That’s why we built the following features.

Automated review collection

Set up automatic review invitations via email, WiFi, or on a tablet that nudge your guests to share their experiences at different touchpoints.

These invitations funnel feedback through a user-friendly survey, ending with the option to share their review publicly. This not only enables you to hear directly from your guests but also enhances your online presence.

The invitations operate autonomously in the background, eliminating the need for manual work while ensuring a steady flow of guest reviews. On average, businesses using Customer Alliance can expect a 30% increase in reviews year on year.


Choose which portals to focus on for your review management strategy. You can set which proportion of reviews should go to which platform (e.g. 50% to Google and 50% to TripAdvisor) to make sure you build your reputation on the portals that matter most.

With a strategic distribution of reviews, you can attract a broader audience and boost your business on different platforms, reinforcing your credibility and increasing your reach.

See and respond to all your reviews in one place. Smart filters allow you to select time frames, rating ranges, or search for specific words, so you can analyse your reviews in a more targeted way.

Review Stream also enables you to perform actions like translating a review into your preferred language, commenting publicly on it, or forwarding it to team members who don’t have backend access.

With just one click, you can generate unique, personalised responses to reviews, freeing up precious time and resources.

AI Reply Assistant goes beyond mere time-saving, it deepens connections with your guests. The AI identifies sentiments in each review, providing specific responses that truly address guests’ feedback. And if reviews are in another language? AI Reply Assistant handles that too.

For quality control and personal touches, the AI-generated reply is presented in a text editor, allowing you to review and make changes as you see fit before sending it off. It’s all about striking the perfect balance between automation and personalisation.

Get guest insights backed by data (KPI dashboard, text analytics, customer journey visualisation and more)

With the right systems, the amount of guest data available to hospitality businesses is vast. Yet, turning this wealth of data into meaningful insights can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

It’s not just about collating reviews, comments, and feedback; it’s about understanding the story that your guests are telling. But when this data comes from various sources, different locations, and in such large quantities, making sense of it all becomes an overwhelming task. That’s why we built the following features.

My KPIs dashboard

This feature allows you to hone in on the key performance indicators that are pivotal to your business and simplify decision-making.

With this personalized view of your data, you can handpick and add KPI tiles, tailoring the dashboard to your needs. Dive deeper into your metrics and unveil hidden trends with additional tables for touchpoints and subaccounts. Adjust timeframes and benchmarks to track your progress and respond swiftly to changes.

The KPI Dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat, helping you save time, maintain focus, and respond to changes in real-time. With this tool, strategic management of your business performance is at your fingertips.

Harness the power of language to drive meaningful improvements. Text Analytics is designed to take the guesswork out of understanding guest sentiment, transforming raw feedback into insights.

This feature helps you uncover guest trends by identifying common themes and topics. With this, you can pinpoint exactly what your guests desire, and make the necessary adjustments.

More than just understanding, our Text Analytics also serves as an early warning system, helping you catch potential issues and resolve them promptly. This proactive approach aids in minimizing negative reviews and enhancing your online reputation.

This tool allows you to easily visualize your key guest satisfaction metrics across every stage and touchpoint of your guest journey (like the reception desk, restaurant and spa, or pre-stay, during-stay and post-stay)

No more guesswork or time-consuming data collection. With our intuitive, colour-coded graph, you can immediately pinpoint where satisfaction scores dip, enabling you to identify problematic areas and make informed decisions on improvements.

You can also measure your progress and the effectiveness of implemented changes by comparing your current metrics against chosen benchmarks. 

Our online reviews

At the time of writing, Customer Alliance has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Hotel Tech Report (a popular hospitality software review site).

Two themes that commonly come up are Customer Alliance’s customer support and ease of use, as you can read below.

What differentiates our customer support?

At Customer Alliance, you can contact support directly through the platform or via email. We currently offer support in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Our in-house support team is available for you during working hours, and on average will get back to your initial enquiry in less than four hours. In less than seven hours, your question will usually be resolved.

Our larger clients also benefit from a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you make the most of the platform and share best practices to reach your goals.

Learn more about Customer Alliance

Pick a time for a 15-minute chat with one of our hospitality experts. This call is all about you! Tell us about your review management struggles and let’s see if Customer Alliance is a good fit for your business.

ReviewPro is a guest experience platform for the hospitality industry that includes review management tools. At the time of writing, ReviewPro has 4.0 out of 5.0 stars on Hotel Tech Report. Some of its key features include:

Revinate is a guest data platform made specifically for the hotel industry offering review and feedback management. At the time of writing, Revinate has 4.6 out of 5.0 stars on Hotel Tech Report. Some of its key features include:

TrustYou is an all-in-one guest experience solution for the hospitality industry. At the time of writing, TrustYou has 4.4 out of 5.0 stars on Hotel Tech Report. Some of its key features include:

Hotellistat is a hotel revenue management system that includes a review management tool. At the time of writing, Hotellistat has 4.9 out of 5.0 stars on Hotel Tech Report. Some of its key features include:

  • Automated Pricing Engine
  • Automated Revenue Intelligence System
  • Custom Reports
  • Review Stream
  • Social Media Aggregation

GuestRevu offers guest intelligence technology for busy hospitality professionals. At the time of writing, GuestRevu has 4.7 out of 5.0 stars on Hotel Tech Report. Some of its key features include:

Birdeye is a reviews software and messaging platform for multi-location businesses in various industries. At the time of writing, Birdeye has no reviews on Hotel Tech Report. Some of its key features include:

D-EDGE provides hotels with technology and digital marketing solutions to help maximise revenue. At the time of writing, D-EDGE has 4.5 out of 5.0 stars on Hotel Tech Report. Some of its key features include:

Note: Customer Alliance is our very own review management software. We’re proud of what we’ve built, and have helped thousands of hotels achieve stress-free review management over the past 10+ years. Experience a transformation in how you manage guest feedback and bolster your hotel’s reputation while you’re at it. Learn more and book a quick 15-minute intro here.

Wrapping Up: Choosing the Best Review Management Software for Hotels

Choosing the right tool is critical to managing your hotel’s online reputation effectively. From centralised review collection to insightful data analytics, the best review management software for hotels can dramatically streamline your processes, improve guest experiences, and boost your online presence.

Whether it’s our own product, Customer Alliance, or other alternatives like ReviewPro, Revinate, and TrustYou, finding the right fit for your specific needs is paramount. Take advantage of the innovative features these platforms offer and turn the sometimes daunting task of review management into a strategic advantage.

Remember, every guest review is an opportunity to learn, grow, and showcase your commitment to outstanding hospitality.

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