How can I dispute a guest review?

It may happen that sometimes your guests reviews do not fully reflect the reality or that they arise from a misunderstanding between your client and the members of your staff. However, nothing is lost! At Customer Alliance, we have the right solution for your problems!

Prevention is better than cure!

First of all, to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the stay, when it is more difficult to find the guest or to discuss face to face with the person in question, we advise you to ask for an opinion during the holiday.

This action can be accomplished not only verbally, asking directly to the guest how they feel and if we can do something useful to them, but also through the technology of Instant Survey.

Many times a guest can feel inhibited from having special requests directly at the reception or another member of your staff: they would very much like to have that extra detail that would make everything perfect, but the shame of asking for it stops them.
Here comes the instant survey via WiFi. It is very simple: when your guest connects to the hotel network, you can show a landing page in which through a very short questionnaire you can ask the right questions to get the first impressions and ask if everything is ok or if the guest has any other special requests.

Taking care of your guest and requesting their opinion during all phases of their stay is very important and we have talked about it in more detail here.

Something went wrong anyway?

You followed all our advice and asked your guest if everything was ok, they answered yes and then decided to leave you a bad review?
Don’t worry, there is an effective remedy even for this!

Regarding Customer Alliance reviews, the portal always gives 36 hours before publishing the review in question. If you find that the feedback is not completely truthful or that it derives from a misunderstanding, you can start a mediation process through Customer Alliance.

Apologize to your guest for the misunderstanding or explain that they misunderstood your communication and that you would like to make up for the mistake. Maybe you can offer a discount on their next stay or a voucher for a dinner at your hotel’s restaurant, while you ask your guest to change their online review, explaining that it will not happen again.

If not even the mediation had any positive results…

In the worst case, your guest will leave their negative (or not particularly positive) review on the portal they have chosen to express their discontent. But do not despair! At this point the only thing left to do is respond in an exemplary manner to the review in question.

Even a negative review can be useful. You will be able, through your answer, to demonstrate first that you take the opinions of your guests into consideration and secondly you can use them in your favor. How? Respond to the accusations that have been made to you, while still keeping your temper, explaining that there was a misunderstanding and also write in the reply some of your selling points in order to give more visibility to the latter.

In addition to reviews, potential guests are also very careful about how the latter are managed by the owners of the facilities and the answers that are written later. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of an unpleasant situation to turn it into something in your favour.