Service Description

for the Platform and Services of CA Customer Alliance GmbH (hereinafter the “Service Description”)

1. General Platform Description

The feedback intelligence platform where you can strengthen your presence online, generate actionable insights and improve customer experience.

2. Packages

Get started
Capture the status quo
Improve the status quo
Drive the customer journey
Drive the customer journey at scale
Capture feedback at every customer journey stage and touchpoint.
All online reviews on one platform
Simple feedback surveys
Surveys in 30 languages
Collect customer emails
Share surveys via QR code
Share surveys via in-house tablet
Share surveys via direct link
Share surveys via automated email
Custom survey questions
In-Web surveys
In-App surveys
Coupon codes for survey completion

Age check before filling in surveys

Understand feedback using trend, competitor, and text analysis.
Segment data by organizational structure
Overall performance dashboard
View satisfaction, effort, and loyalty over the customer journey
Competitor benchmarking
Track satisfaction, effort, and loyalty over time
Actionable insights through Basic Text analytics
Actionable insights through Advanced Text analytics

Share feedback to boost your online reputation.
Website widget to showcase customer satisfaction
Distribution – collect reviews on review portals
Act on feedback to improve your customer experience and online visibility.
Respond to online reviews and feedback
Handle reviews in 133 languages
Create reply templates
Flag feedback to act on 
Set performance targets
Automated insights

Admin – Manage user access and data.
Unlimited users
Granular user permissions
Platform support for 21 languages
Sign in with Google
GDPR-compliant data anonymization
Archive old customer feedback

Whitelabel platform UI

Connectivity – Be connected in your ecosystem & enrich your data sets.
Integrate with PMSs
Export review & feedback data via API
Migrate historic data

3. Add-ons

– AI Reply Assistant: Respond to reviews with the help of AI

4. Availability

CA provides the Platform 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with at least 97% annual average availability.

5. System Requirements

To access the Platform the following requirements should be met:

(1) Internet Connection. A stable internet connection with an internet speed of least 50 MBit/s (download).

(2) Internet Browser. 

(a) Desktop Browser. The Platform is tested against and supports the following desktop browsers:

Microsoft Windows 10 and newer:

– Google Chrome (latest stable version)

– Firefox (latest stable version)

– Microsoft Edge (latest stable version; Chromium-based only)

MacOS 10.12 and newer:

– Google Chrome (latest stable version)

– Safari (latest stable version)

For best results, use the latest version of Google Chrome.

(b) Mobile Web Browser. You can access the Platform through the following mobile browser:

Android 5 and newer:

– Google Chrome (latest stable version)

iOS 10 and newer:

– Google Chrome (latest stable version)

– Safari (latest stable version)

(c) Browser Configuration. Any supported browser that you choose to use must meet the following requirements:

– JavaScript is enabled.

– Cookies are enabled. Some modern browser versions are now disabling third-party cookies by default. Like many other web services, CA relies on these cookies to authenticate users. You may need to enable them in your browser for access.