London Tube Reviews – What are the best (and worst!) stations?

Each day, more than 5 million Londoners, Britons, tourists and visitors use the London transport system to get around the capital. With over 500 trains in service at any given time, it’s a monumental effort to not only get passengers to their destinations on time, but also ensure that the stations are up to the job moving everyone from A to B.

We all know that consumers love to leave reviews for their favourite restaurant or hotel where they stayed during their vacation, but in today’s ever connected world, where everything can be reviewed in one way or another, the London Tube stations are no exception. From complaints about the heat at Elephant & Castle to the fact that Mansion House “goes off in the morning” the reviews left by users on Google are not only informative but entertaining.

Mind the Gap

Let’s start with the key facts. On average, Google users review London Tube stations 3.96 stars out of 5 which is the highest out of any of the major European capitals, beating out strong competition in Paris, Madrid and Berlin.

Whilst Britons don’t mind a whinge about the morning commutes, at least it can be said that the waiting is done at some of the best stations in Europe.

The winner of the best London Tube stations goes to Highgate with 20 reviews averaging 4.7, followed closely by fellow Northern line station, Kentish Town, which was also rated as 4.7, but from only 16 reviews. Rounding out the top 5 were Rickmansworth, Holland Park and Oakwood.

The worst station on the London underground, according to Google users, is Gunnersbury, which received the lowest average rating of 2.3, with one user calling it “unfit for purpose”, “the UGLIEST station on the network” whilst calling on the local MP to do something about it.

Other station which were poorly rated were South Harrow (2.9), Stonebridge Park (3.0), West Harrow, Willesden Junction (3.0) and Burnt Oak (3.2).

Google Users voice their opinions

With a few taps on a screen, any user can leave a review at any Tube station, and Google users have definitely done that. Here is a look at some of our favourites…


For a full overview of the ratings for each Tube station in London, we have put that together for you.