How can I measure ROI? How will it help in revenue and marketing terms?

There’s no doubt that increasing your visibility and the revenue brought in by your establishment are your priorities. However, setting up a coherent strategy where you can precisely calculate returns can be a complicated matter. But the Customer Alliance solution can help you to improve your online visibility by making the most of guest reviews and, as a result, increase your revenue. Let’s take a look at how to measure this return on investment (ROI) in terms of marketing and revenue.

Manage guest reviews to master communication

More effective than a radio ad or a sign in the street, guest reviews have become the top method of communication! In fact, they’re the heir to traditional word of mouth, the traditional form of communication back in the day. Think about it: before booking a table in a restaurant or a room in a hotel, you’d ask your friends and family if they had any previous experience to share with you to help with your decision. There are now millions of guest reviews and anyone can read them, so their impact has become even more crucial. By keeping a careful eye on these reviews, you’ll be sure to keep a handle on your communication strategy. But how can you measure the precise impact?

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Statistics give a better assessment of your ROI

With the Customer Alliance solution, you can get control of the influx of reviews you receive and analyse their impact. First of all, you can track the evolution of these reviews and see which is the platform where you receive the most reviews. Thanks to a panel of statistics, you can see your reviews in increasing or decreasing order, the scores and average marks from each platform, as well as your response rate. These figures help you to achieve a better understanding of the impact on your online visibility and therefore the benefits you can extract for your marketing strategy.

In addition to these statistics, the Customer Alliance widget provides you with extra information relating to the reach of your marketing efforts. Indeed, you can track the number of views of both the widget and the certificate, therefore giving you an insight into the number of visitors to your site who have shown a deeper interest. The reviews gathered via the Customer Alliance questionnaire are therefore not just a sign to your visitors that they can trust you, but also a great vehicle to secure direct bookings at the same time as measuring the impact that this has.

Better visibility = more direct bookings = a better sales price

So, if you can easily track the impact of guest reviews integrated on your site thanks to the widget and Customer Alliance certificate, what about the reviews that you display on other portals, such as Google and TripAdvisor? Though it may be difficult to measure their impact, it’s certainly real. This is because of the “billboard effect” when you secure bookings, directly on your site, from visitors who began their search on an OTA. Indeed, if you have good online visibility, a positive online reputation and a decent number of guest reviews, this will help you reach the top positions on these sites. Although a number of serious studies on this subject have been carried out by the Cornell University Hotel School and Expedia, it’s nevertheless important to consider the impacts carefully, as they are still complicated to measure.

Managing your online reputation well also has an impact on your sales price. If you make effective and thoughtful use of feedback received from your guests, you can be more attentive to their needs and thus increase their satisfaction. The natural consequence of this is an optimised reputation for your establishment on the review platforms which will help you to gain the upper hand over your competition, not only in terms of bookings but also for sales price. In a previous article, we examined the impact that a good online reputation has on your ADR.

To sum up…

Customer Alliance can support you in the daily management of your online reputation by allowing you to increase your visibility and analyse guest reviews. By taking control of your online reputation, you will soon see the benefits this has on your image and the revenue you generate. It’s crucial to understand the benefits that effective management can bring in a sector where the guest journey has now become so complex. The impacts are easy to measure and our solution enables you to head in the right direction to optimise your commercial and marketing strategies.

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