Contactless Era for Hotels: Why You Should Offer a Self Check-in

A digital check-in as new standard in times of COVID-19

Offering guests a self-check-in service will presumably become an integral part of the hotel experience in a post-COVID-19 world. As hoteliers try to adapt to a new normal brought on by the pandemic, they have to ensure the safety and health of guests and employees. A touchless, digital check-in service is the ideal solution to reduce physical contact to a minimum.

Thanks to the new ordinance on registration data in the hotel industry, German hoteliers can now make use of a digital check-in procedure to collect and save guest data electronically prior to the arrival. Guests can submit all their relevant data via a digital registration form instead of signing a paper onsite.

An online check-in at the hotel comes with many more advantages. Let’s take a closer look at why offering such a service should be part of your Customer Experience Management strategy.

A self check-in at your hotel keeps guests and staff safe

As the pandemic is taking its toll on the hospitality industry, hoteliers need to comply with strict hygiene and distance regulations. But ensuring a safe and healthy environment for a service-entered industry can be a tricky task. A digital check-in experience is the solution. It helps to reduce physical interaction to a minimum as guests electronically submit their data in advance – no need to touch pen or papers on site.

Enhance the experience of your guests with an online check-in

The registration at the front office can be a tedious and hectic procedure. Therefore, today´s guests find that they enjoy the flexibility and freedom that comes with a self check-in at a hotel. Submitting data digitally, e.g. via a smartphone, adds to the overall comfort and convenience and tends to increase their satisfaction.

Moreover, we recommend making a contactless check-in part of your pre-stay communication. Interacting with your guests prior to their arrival is important to build up a personal relationship and to enhance the experience of your guests. Use automated messages and questionnaires to share relevant information about your hotel and to collect relevant data prior to the check-in at the hotel.

Today´s travellers are increasingly tech-savvy. They expect a seamless and personalised digital guest experience. A convenient mobile check-in service will keep up with the digital expectations of your hotel guests. This holds especially true when targeting millennials or Generation Z.

Reduce workload and save time with self-check-in

As guests submit relevant data beforehand, a mobile check-in service reduces the administrative workload for your personnel. The data will be stored automatically in the system. It is also a time saver for your guests as a contactless self check-in reduces queues in front of the reception.

In addition, you can ask your guests to provide their expected arrival time during the digital check-in procedure. That allows you to better plan the availability of your staff members, especially in times of low occupancy. Or ask your guests for allergies or special preferences (e.g. additional pillows or blankets). In this way, you can better cater to their needs and to personalize their experience.

A digital check-in creates upsell opportunities

When making use of pre-check-in, hotel guests can choose a time to submit the data at their convenience. That gives hoteliers a great chance to present themselves and their services to their guests at the right moment. In fact, it is a perfect opportunity to upsell or cross-sell to generate additional revenue! Offer a room upgrade, a spa treatment, or any other extra service with added value during the pre-check-in procedure. Or what about a pick-up service from the airport or the train station. Guests are more likely to accept such offers in the comfort of home instead of making these decisions at the busy front desk.

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Self check-ins reduce human errors

As guests submit their information themselves, the possibility of errors like misspelling a name or address will be reduced to a minimum. The data is stored correctly in the system. Reservations can be found easily and staff members can retrieve details about guests’ previous stays to better meet their needs and wishes. Entering accurate data into the system also minimizes the possibility of duplicate profile information.

Moreover, when making use of hotel management software for digital check-ins like Customer Alliance, you fully comply with data privacy laws and personal data can automatically be deleted. For further information, see Check in check out: Focus on these for your guest experience.