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Attract more guests with better online reviews and greater understanding of guests’ preferences.
Collect, analyse, and act on feedback with our restaurant survey and review. Build up your ratings on select portals like Google, TripAdvisor, & Yelp so potential guests find you online.

We’re not your typical bar and restaurant software

Boost online visibility

Snag more reviews

Grow customer loyalty

Build your online reputation

Quickly respond to all your online reviews in one place with our review management software. Ps. we offer alerts for negative reviews.

Enjoy more restaurant reviews as you distribute them to platforms like Google restaurant reviews. Plus, display reviews right on your website to grow trust.

  • Attract new diners with more reviews
  • Automate review invitations
  • Get real reviews in multiple portals & social media
  • Display reviews on website

61% of diners read online reviews when selecting a restaurant

Get happy guests to leave reviews

Share restaurant customer feedback survey via emails, SMS, WiFi, QR code, or tablet.

Create your own restaurant survey questions and personalise your restaurant customer feedback form to get the restaurant customer feedback you need.

  • Multi-channel touchpoints for feedback
  • Collect COVID contact details & meet GDPR regulations
  • Ask satisfied guests onsite for reviews
  • Offer newsletter/birthday opt-ins
  • Use a restaurant questionnaire for diet info/allergies

76% of customers that are asked to leave a review will go on to write one

Know how to increase customer satisfaction

With our CXM software, you decide at which touchpoints you want to send a restaurant feedback survey, newsletter, or review invitation.

Segment customers, oversee multiple locations, and understand from semantic analysis which topics matter most to your customers

  • Use smart analytics to evolve
  • Engage via promos/newsletters
  • Benchmark with competitor analytics
  • Monitor chains and sychronise reports & best practices to ensure customer satisfaction

67% is the amount by which loyal customers outspend new customers.

Why Customer Alliance?

8% average increase

response rate

10+ years


5,000+ Businesses

use our platform

In their words:

“Customer Alliance gives us the technical ability to personally contact all our customers and actively request their feedback. This direct feedback, along with the software’s detailed analysis feature, allow us to identify and improve our weak points.”

-A Customer Alliance client

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Customer feedback software by Customer Alliance includes Customer Experience Management, Voice of the Customer and Online Reputation Management.