How Online Reputation Management, “ORM”, has become key to hotels’ success

As a hotelier, this is a question you probably get a lot. What are you doing to manage your online reputation? And, is that strategy successfully helping to increase your revenue? A previously nonexistent concept in the hospitality industry, ORM is now expected to be a primary aspect of a business’s marketing strategy for increasing revenue. But what exactly is this concept? And what does it really mean?

A brief intro to ORM

In short, Online Reputation Management (ORM) refers to the systematic management of customer comments and ratings – it’s your efforts to engage with and take control of online reviews.

Today, travelers methodically turn to online reviews when searching for accommodation, and what they find has a big influence on their decision to book. A successful ORM strategy ensures a strong online reputation, that attracts more guests and ultimately increases overall revenue. The goal is to establish an efficient and effective strategy that brings your business increased revenue!

Some tips for successful ORM

So what are a few ways you can make sure you’re properly managing your reputation?

  • Don’t shrink from your guests’ reviews! More reviews means that you’re more present across the web, and easier to find. So make sure that your hotel is represented on all the relevant portals.
  • actively collect reviews from your guests, by sending out follow-up emails and encouraging your guests to give you feedback on their stay!
  • Respond to guest feedback – both when it comes to service and communication. Reply to their comments to show them you’re listening; then, take your guests’ feedback to heart when considering areas of improvement.

Are you doing what you need to do to manage your online reputation?

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Roxane Le Corre

PR & Marketing Assistant