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Customer Alliance is the best ReviewPro alternative for hoteliers who want a dedicated review and feedback management platform that integrates easily (and affordably) with their PMS.

In hospitality, the guest experience is everything. But knowing what your guests want can present a challenge. A platform that helps you collect and understand feedback enables you to make tangible improvements to your business without getting lost in the noise.

Customer Alliance (that’s us 👋) and ReviewPro are two of the most popular platforms in the hospitality space. Here’s the lowdown of how they compare.

Customer Alliance vs ReviewPro at a glance

Feature Customer Alliance ReviewPro
Integrations ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Has 165+ integrations (including a free Oracle Opera Cloud connection and other leading Cloud PMS providers like Mews & Apaleo) ⭐⭐ Shows 39 integrations on their website, though sources like Hotel Tech Report show as many as 64
Analytics ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Offers numerous analytics tools (including Text Analytics and Customer Journey Visualisation) and interactive dashboards including competitor analytics ⭐⭐⭐ Has hospitality-specific Semantic Analysis and a tool to help you understand the most important topics for guest satisfaction
AI ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Has an AI Reply Assistant add-on that allows you to reply to guest reviews instantly ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Offers an AI-driven chatbot pre-trained to respond to over 400 hospitality-related questions, automating guest communication on various channels
Automation ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Offers comprehensive automation features, including automated review invitations and review distribution ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Automates outbound communication and guest interactions with scalable AI-driven strategies
Support ⭐⭐⭐ Has a growing help centre and email support with an average resolution time of less than seven hours ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Has a comprehensive help centre, monthly training sessions and support via email and phone

How ReviewPro and Customer Alliance help you tackle common review management challenges

Both platforms share similar review management features, including:

  • The ability to automatically invite guests to leave reviews, either as a standalone message or at the end of a guest survey
  • Automatically crawling the web for your new reviews on multiple portals
  • Replying directly to reviews from inside the platform for major portals like Google, and HolidayCheck
  • A unique review metric (Public Reviews Score for Customer Alliance, Global Review Index™️ for ReviewPro) to help you understand review performance
  • Statistics on your review performance, e.g. the percentage of reviews you’ve responded to, the percentage of good vs bad reviews for each portal
  • A review widget so you can display your reviews on your website and encourage more bookings 

However, Customer Alliance has a few additional features to increase your review management’s efficiency.

1. Building and managing review volume

Customer Alliance offers a flexible approach to distributing reviews across different platforms, allowing you to be more targeted with your review management strategy.

  • ReviewPro is limited to collection programs for Google, TripAdvisor, and HolidayCheck
  • Customer Alliance allows you to distribute a specific percentage of reviews to multiple portals, including Google, TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck, Zoover, and more

This makes Customer Alliance particularly useful for hotels targeting specific countries with their own popular review portals (for example Zoover, where close to 90% of its traffic comes from the Netherlands).

You can add additional review sites to distribute to. However, the feature is only compatible with open portals – meaning those where the reviewer doesn’t need to have made a booking through the platform to leave a review. 

2. Responding to reviews efficiently

Both platforms allow you to reply directly to reviews from your dashboard, but Customer Alliance uses AI to save your staff time.

  • ReviewPro has customisable templates for quick responses
  • As well as templates, Customer Alliance has AI Reply Assistant to generate unique, tailored responses with a single click, significantly speeding up the process. The AI can be customised for tone and length, and trained with Smart Snippets to handle recurring feedback

AI Reply Assistant makes Customer Alliance particularly well-suited for hotels with a high volume of reviews that need to be managed efficiently without overwhelming your staff. This capability is especially valuable for larger hotels or hotel chains where managing guest feedback at scale is crucial.

How ReviewPro and Customer Alliance help you overcome guest feedback management roadblocks

Both platforms share similar guest feedback management features, including:

  • Customisable survey builder where you can use a template or create your own
  • Metrics to measure guest satisfaction from surveys: ReviewPro provides Net Promoter Score, while Customer Alliance additionally offers Customer Satisfaction Score and Customer Effort Score
  • Sentiment analysis to understand the key topics behind your reviews, and if they’re mentioned in a positive, negative or neutral light
  • Competitor analysis dashboards, where you can compare satisfaction scores and review volume

However, Customer Alliance has a few additional features that help you get more comprehensive guest feedback and insights into satisfaction.

1. Timely and comprehensive feedback collection

Customer Alliance allows you to gather feedback across the whole guest journey, from the first time a guest visits your website to after they’ve checked out.

  • ReviewPro offers automatic survey sending during the stay, on the day of checkout, one day later or two days later. While ReviewPro allows customisation for department-specific questions, the feedback is gathered through surveys sent at the specified times rather than directly at the touchpoints themselves
  • Customer Alliance gives you the freedom to choose different guest touchpoints (e.g. your website, front desk, restaurant, or post-stay) where you’d like to collect feedback. Depending on the touchpoint, this can be through automated email surveys, QR code, or pop-up online surveys

This flexibility positions Customer Alliance as an ideal choice for hotels seeking to gather feedback directly from guests while their experiences are still fresh in their minds. Capturing insights across various touchpoints also helps you quickly address any guest preferences and concerns.

This proactive approach encourages continuous improvements, leading to higher satisfaction scores by ensuring that guest expectations are consistently met and exceeded throughout their stay.

See how Relais Castello di Casiglio uses surveys to increase guest satisfaction. Read the case study here.

2. Efficient data analysis and easy reporting

Both platforms have features that help analyse your guest feedback and reviews, but Customer Alliance offers the flexibility to customise your data parameters for more precise reporting.

  • ReviewPro allows you to create Excel reports of your reviews within a specified date range, with the option to include or exclude information like the review source, reviewer name and management’s response. You can also download an Executive Summary as a PDF, which provides an overview of reviews, surveys and semantics.
  • Customer Alliance has customisable dashboards for your review volume and scores, review response rate and your performance against competitors. There are a range of filters so you can quickly segment your data and find exactly what you need. You can also download individual tiles or the whole dashboard as a PNG, CSV or Excel file.

The ability to tailor your data parameters and reporting makes Customer Alliance particularly well-suited for larger organisations. With more detailed reporting options, different stakeholders can get the precise information they need. Reports can be created quickly and easily, saving time and allowing your team to focus on making faster, more confident decisions about how to increase satisfaction.

Customer Alliance vs ReviewPro: which should you choose?

Choose Customer Alliance if:

  • You need a flexible survey system that allows feedback collection at different touchpoints during and after the guest’s stay
  • You need more extensive integration options, including a free Oracle Opera Cloud connection, to seamlessly connect with your PMS and other systems
  • You value advanced analytics with interactive dashboards for more precise data segmentation and quick reporting
  • You lack the resources to respond to reviews manually and want to add AI into your workflow
  • You want the flexibility to distribute reviews to multiple portals (including country-specific ones) to better target your audience and improve your online reputation

Choose ReviewPro if:

  • You want to have some CRM functionality in your review and feedback management platform
  • You want to send surveys and review invitations via WhatsApp or Messenger
  • Your staff would prefer to manage reviews and feedback via an app rather than on desktop
  • You need robust AI-driven guest communication solutions, including a pre-trained chatbot that can handle a high volume of inquiries across multiple channels

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