5 ways to use the new questionnaire that you haven’t thought of yet!

Well, you probably already heard it: we completely improved our guest questionnaire! Our new questionnaire is more flexible, stronger and more beautiful than ever before. We focus on the design and the user experience, more flexibility – for example in the form of additional supplementary questions – and expanded guest profiles and more available languages. All news can be read in detail in our blog post about the new questionnaire. If you have any questions, our team is always available and happy to respond to your requests.

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From now on, you will no longer only see one flexible questionnaire in your Customer Alliance backend – no, you can create as many questionnaires as you like!
So you are no longer fixed on a single questionnaire for all your guests, you can, for example, create one for each target group – families, business travelers, couples – and send it out in a more targeted way. Everything you need to know about our new, multiple questionnaires can be found in this article.

The fact that you can now create as many questionnaires as you want brings another benefit. Now you are no longer bound to only collect reviews with the questionnaire. You can use the questionnaire for many other options. We would like to introduce you to five of them today.

1. The Customer Alliance Questionnaire for pre-stay communication

The experience of your guests starts already before they stay in your hotel. Make it easier for you – and your employees – to communicate with your guests in advance, fully automated. This saves a lot of time and will optimize the processes on site. For example, you can collect all the relevant data for check-in via the Pre-Stay Questionnaire. Your guests will then only have to pick up the room key at the reception upon arrival. At the same time, you have the opportunity to upsell and increase your sales. Another advantage is the fact that you can already obtain the necessary consent for GDPR.

2. The Customer Alliance questionnaire for maintenance and housekeeping

Simplify internal communications, streamline operations, and save even more time by collecting necessary maintenance, short-term repairs, and claims – from broken light bulbs to dripping faucets – through a dedicated maintenance questionnaire. No more paperwork, no chance to overlook something- forget everyday stress. All necessary maintenance work is collected in bundles and can thus be viewed by you and your employees and processed in a targeted manner.

3. The Customer Alliance Business Questionnaire

Do you offer conference rooms in your hotel? The exhibition center of the city is nearby? Hoteliers, who regularly host business travelers, know about the special needs of this group. With a tailor-made questionnaire, you can provide them with information relevant to them, such as the course of a seminar or the opening hours of the swimming pool, and at the same time have the opportunity to get back valuable information that will optimize your work processes and help your staff. Whether booking the taxi to the airport at a certain time or preselecting the dinner menu and inquiring about intolerances and allergies – the possibilities are unlimited.

4. The Customer Alliance Questionnaire for the employee survey

Of course, with the questionnaire, you can not only engage in dialogue with your guests, but also with your employees. Employee surveys help you identify the needs of your employees, accept legitimate criticism, and implement feedback. Many people are afraid to speak openly in a personal conversation. Having a personalized questionnaire for your staff will lower the threshold and you will benefit from the valuable feedback from your staff.

5. The Customer Alliance Questionnaire for your restaurant

Now let’s just assume that you offer breakfast in your hotel – and probably have your own kitchen, which is also available to guests for lunch or dinner. Again, a purposeful questionnaire, which not only collects reviews but targets the restaurant and the bar, can help improve work processes and identify problems faster. At the same time you will find out more about the culinary experience of your guests and can increase their satisfaction, which will ultimately manifest in better reviews. The separate restaurant questionnaire is also suitable for immediate feedback. For example, if you are testing a new bakery for your breakfast or are now offering an extensive, vegan menu, you will be able to find out directly how your guests like the new offer.

Unlimited possibilities with the new, multiple Customer Alliance Questionnaires

Now we have presented five different ways to use the new questionnaire, which you can benefit from immediately. But of course you have no limits. Create as many questionnaires as you need!

We look forward to your feedback for particularly creative areas to use the questionnaire and are happy to receive your ideas!

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