How to create a really effective satisfaction questionnaire

The satisfaction questionnaire you send to your guests after they have left your facility is an extremely important tool, not only to understand your strengths and weaknesses, but also to optimize your online reputation.
That’s why it’s essential to choose the right questions to ask your customers.

Which questions should be included in the satisfaction questionnaire?

Some quite common and suitable questions, but always effective are certainly those related to the service in general, the kindness of the staff and the speed and efficiency of the check-in and check-out operations.

Even asking specific questions related to the hotel room where your guest has stayed is a very useful practice for your personalized satisfaction questionnaire.
In addition, you can ask your client for their first impressions of the room and check-in service directly via Instant Survey, the real-time questionnaire that can be sent automatically via WiFi.
As soon as the guest connects to the WiFi network, an action that is often completed as soon as they arrive to the room, you can ask for a first feedback on the overall environment of the facility, the check-in service, the furniture of the room or ask if they need a pillow or extra towels. This way, not only will you have a first feedback, but you will be able to correct some errors or satisfy the requests of your guests in real time.

What are the questions that should be avoided?

It is useless to ask a question about the location of your hotel because it is always a stable factor.
You cannot modify it, so it cannot give you useful feedback to improve your service.
Rather ask the guest if they liked the shuttle service to and from the airport. Even if the proximity to the historic center or the beach is your strong point, asking for it does not help you because you’ll have hundreds of reviews that always say the same thing.

Another question to avoid is that relating to a service that you already know is not fully functional. For example, if you know that WiFi is a bit slow and you are about to activate the contract with another provider, avoid asking your guests how they found themselves with the hotel’s internet connection.
If you really want to have feedback to understand how to move about a new service that you are not 100% sure yet, for example you changed the breakfast provider or the cleaning company, ask for it through the private questions of our questionnaire.

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This type of questions is for you to understand what are your strengths and weaknesses and helps you to correct any errors, but without affecting your online reputation because your guests’ answers are not published in this case, but only you will read them. Useful, right?

What questions can help me boost my online reputation?

Of course, in addition to the questions that help you improve offline, it is also important to pay attention to the questions that can improve the online reputation of the facility.
First of all, if you have a service that differentiates you from your competitors, for example the wellness center, an exceptional mini club, a starred restaurant, why not use it in your favor to position yourself in the first positions of the search results?
The reviews of your guests are UGC, unique user-generated content, and Google particularly rewards this type of content.
So, if you can direct your guests to write UGC that tell just about your peculiarity, you will get a nice advantage! To do this, you must of course ask the right questions that provide an open answer within your personalized satisfaction questionnaire.

Another important marketing question for your hotel is to ask your guests how they came to know about your facility. The answer will allow you to understand if you are investing in the right promotion channels to get the visibility you deserve or if you have to review your communication strategy because it did not bring the desired results.

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